Friday, September 10, 2010

Adding a couple of things...

I wanted to let every one know that I am adding a couple of books for review in this months book line up. Em Petrova's debut novel, Runes, is out this coming October. You can expect the review for her book on the 24th of September. You can also read an excerpt of her novel here.

I also want to let you know I will be having my first guest author here on the blog on the 23rd. Tia Nevitt, debut author of The Sevenfold Spell, is throwing a blog pajama party and one of her blog stops is right here on Bookin' It. Her book will be available on September 27th anywhere ebooks are sold! You can look for my review of her book, The SevenFold Spell, this month as well! You can read an excerpt of her book here.

I am also going to ask a friend of mine, a debut author, if she can squeeze me in to her blog tour. Keep your fingers crossed because she is on funny lady to talk with!

By the way, aren't both of these covers simply irresistible!


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