Sunday, September 19, 2010

Updates For Bookin' It

I hope everyone is enjoying a quiet Sunday. I am spending mine hard at work preparing for two guest bloggers for the last two weeks of September. We will have Tia Nevitt and Em Petrova here talking about their new releases. Both of which I think you will love! I just finished  reading Ms. Nevitt's The Sevenfold Spell and will have the review up for you ASAP! Her book comes out on September 27th. I am also reading and preparing my review for Ms. Petrova's book, Runes. Both debut authors have come out of the gates with great books and can only go up from here in my humble opinion.

Ms. Nevitt will be here on September 23rd, so please mark your calenders and stop by for her Pajama Party! after that Ms. Petrova will be visiting on the 30th with an interview with her heros! Yep...both of them! I think you will love Sean and Will. 

I also wanted to apologize on not sticking to this months schedule for book reviews. I saw a chance to help two fellow writers and just had to replace my months picks with their books instead. 

Another piece of news is concerning Night Owl Reviews! I am now among the troops of reviewers and now call NOR my review home. I will post a link here on Bookin' It for easy access to my reviews. I will also keep up my author visits as time allows as well as my author and series spotlights. Please don't forget to visit Star Dust and Shadows for a weekly blog post there concerning my own writing adventures and pit falls. You know there are going to be a few along the way to publication! I love to read your comments and love to hear how things are going in your neck of the woods...please visit as often as you can!


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