Friday, November 12, 2010

Review: Bad Girl by Amarinda Jones

Release Date:N/A
Category: Spicy & Contemporary 
Length: 73 pages (PDF format)
Heat Level: Erotic content with graphic love scenes and adult language  
Price: Evernight Publishing  format: $3.99 

*This ebook was provided to me by the publisher & NOR for review

Kealea enjoys taking pleasure in life while living it to the fullest, but the one thing she wants the most is about to slip through her hands. Is she strong enough to grasp the love she desires or will she let it slip away from her for good?

SUMMARY:(blurb taken from Amazon)

For six months Kealea and Christopher have been lovers, while consensually enjoying multiple partners. For a while it worked for Kealea. She wanted no commitment, and she craved the excitement and thrill of being taken by each new lover. But it’s not enough. She wants forever with Christopher. How can she make him realize there’s so much more to be enjoyed than wild sex?

Christopher shares Kealea’s desires, but he’s not sure how to change what they have into what they both crave. What if everything changes? Sex has always been easy, but loving could unleash consequences neither of them can handle. What is he to do? When another man shows interest in Kealea, Christopher knows he must make a move, or lose the woman he loves…for good.

Be Warned: multiple partners, menage sex, anal sex, bondage, public exhibition.

“You’re a bad girl. I saw what you did.”
Chapter 1
“So my horoscope said beware of inconvenient people.”
Kealea Chambers sighed and closed her eyes. “Is there any other
type of person?”
I have to say this was a first for me. I have not read any story -erotica or otherwise- that portrayed the heroine open to multiple partners while in love with her hero. I have been told that it takes many different kinds of people to make up this world and I guess that same goes for the fictional worlds we step into when we open a book. You never know what your going to get until you dive in. I can not say that it was a turn on to me, but I know there are numerous readers that enjoy the fantasy or might live the fantasy, of being open with their love to many people. As for this story, the plot did pull through with strong emotions, delivering a well paced drama of love, fear of rejection on both sides and then finally the peace of acceptance.

The story took place in an urban setting, and most interestingly in a tattoo artist's studio!

Ms. Jones expressed great emotion and conflict through her characters and her writing style allowed it to flow smoothly for the most part of the story. I did find the inner dialogue a little confusing at times and had to re-read a few sections to grasp the whole concept of what the author was conveying. As a writer myself, I understand the reasons behind italicizing the inner dialogue in Bad Girl, however I fell in doing this it weakened the authors voice and the quality of the writing somewhat.  


Kealea was very interesting to follow throughout the book. I did not agree with any of her choices and I have to say I would have a hard time friending a woman that did not value her morals. In having said that, I did enjoy reading the 'whys' behind her choices. I now understand what might go on in a womans head that lived or lives freely like Kealea does in Bad Girl. The author created a story that took the character through discovering herself, her desires and ultimately led her to finding and sharing a love that went deeper than just sex. 
Christopher, Kealea's love interest, never considered a monogamous relationship with any woman until he woke one morning realizing he was in love with Kealea. He is torn between telling her how he feels for her and letting things stand as they are out of fear of loosing what he does have with her. His jealousy roars to life after seeing Kealea with Andrew Hutchinson, the tattoo artist. He shows the reader just how deep his love is for Kealea. I do have to say that it was fun to see the love triangle play out. Hutch was a very different character all together, compared to the normal partner you read in most romance books. He added a freshness with his perspective on life, reminding me of a younger Sam Elliot. *wink*

Ms. Jones can definitely write erotica! WHEW!!! 
This is my first straight erotica mixed with a romantic plot so I can't compare it to any others. I did enjoy seeing the difference in characters and the happily ever after ending was a definite welcome. If you like diversity in your reading and love reading about characters that share sensual and erotic fantasies and desires, you will love Bad Girl! 

MY RATING: 3 1/2 stars


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