Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winner for Felicity Heaton's Her Angel Series

Good Morning! I know I made you wait for it, but here is the winner for Felicity Heaton's Her Angel Series. Yep, that is one ebook copy of Her Dark Angel, Her Fallen Angel and Her Warrior Angel as a bundle prize!

So without further delay...drum roll please...

The Winner is....


Whoo Hoooo!!!! 

Congrats, Book Kritik! I will email Ms. Heaton this morning with your email addy so she can get your prize to you. Enjoy your books and Happy Reading. ;-)

I want to thank Ms. Heaton for sharing her story with us and spending some time here on the blog. I have really enjoyed reading her books and sharing my thoughts on them. My review for Her Warrior Angel and Vampire For Christmas will be available soon here and on Night Owl Reviews this week. Please come back and check them out! 

And later on today Q will be stopping in. This week he has brought out the big guns and I don't think you should miss what he has to say! 

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway! This just makes uop my week! <3


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