Friday, January 28, 2011

Dear Beautiful You With Guest Em Petrova

Today I thought I’d try something new—a love letter from a mystery hero to all of my wonderful readers, in honor of my new releases My Sexy Valentine and Tattoo Dream. Because you all deserve a little romance in your lives!

Dear Beautiful You,
Today I watched the sun rise over the lip of the world, and when the first golden rays pierced the darkness, I thought of you. Of tilting your delicate chin up with my knuckles, and seeing the luster in your gaze as I slowly brush your hair away from your eyes. My heart pattered as I dreamed of slipping my fingers around the column of your throat and discovering the hollow at the nape of your neck—an uncharted territory, a path I need to kiss.

Today I will strive to prove my love in all ways. By driving through the dim dawn to park outside your house and watch the sun light your window, locking you behind a sheet of pure gold. By climbing the front steps in a fog of cold air to lay a single rose before your door, knowing when you open it, you’ll see the tender petals that represent my adoration.

Today I must make myself worthy of your glowing presence and your smiles that bloom in my heart. If ever a person dares to hurt you or crush your spirit, I will unsheathe my sword and hurl myself into battle for you, squashing everyone in your name.

Today I will think of a million methods to make love to you. By tracing hearts upon your spine as I kiss you long and deep. By feeding my love words past your lips one by one, each declaration more impassioned and true.  By spreading you upon a silken sheet and worshipping every inch of your flesh, proving to you that you are the only woman alive for me.

Today I promise to love you more than yesterday.

Today and always, I am,
Your devoted lover

Author Bio: Em Petrova is a writer of hot, lover of all things coffee, devotee of books, and worshipper of the iPod. She penned her first novel at the age of twelve, and after gaining an arts degree, has returned to her literary roots. She loves to dig deep into the souls of her unique characters and uncover their secret desires when she doesn’t have her nose in a great new read. You can find more about her sexy stories at

Blurb from Bachelorette, a novella from the anthology My Sexy Valentine:
Kiki has waited twenty-nine long years for Mr. Right. Just when she thought she had him, the five-carat princess-cut, and the dream wedding at her parents’ country club, Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Disappearing Act.
Depressed, dejected, and dreading the lonely Valentine’s Day she’ll face, her parents suggest she spend a month in her favorite city, Paris, and reconnect with herself. After days alone in her little flat, wearing her useless veil and garter, and eating box after box of conversation hearts, she sinks further into her hopeless state.
When her long-time Parisian friend and his buddies participate in a bizarre sex ritual in honor of St. Valentine, she’s pulled into their muscular arms, and pleasured out of her bridal adornments. Given power over the testosterone-filled room, she learns the real meaning of a happy Valentine’s Day.
Blurb from Tattoo Dream:
Sascha and Van are happily married. Their successful tattoo parlor should be enough to keep their lives full and enriched, but they both sense a void that only a third in their marriage could fill. Sexy waitress Maggie seems to be just the one they've been looking for.  At the risk of ruining their friendship with Maggie, the couple makes the move to get her into their tattoo chair, with the hopes of getting her in their bed.

Thank you so much for inspiring love in us all today, Em. Your mystery lover whisked my heart away with his tender words.

Ms. Petrova is giving away a copy of her newest release, Tattoo Dream to one lucky person! Don't forget to leave some of your own love and your email addy to be entered to win!


  1. I love Em and her writings!! She is such a great Author! I cannot wait to read Tattoo Dream!!

  2. it is truly a joy to read the works of EM! they take you away from where you are into the story she is telling. thanks so much.

  3. Okay, I'm ready to trade my hubby of 32 years for an imaginary letter writer! LOL Thanks Em! No need to put me in the drawing. I bought both releases last night.
    Best of luck with your career.

    Roz Lee

  4. Wow, what a sweetly amazing letter, Em! That's quite inspiring! And thanks for sharing the blurbs--those books sound like ones to add to my TBR!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  5. was it wrong of me to pretend that letter was from my DH? I mean, he'd say those things to me if he was a romantic. Since he isn't, in that sense, well... I know this is how he feels, so that'll do. You have an amazing way with words, EM. Maybe you should write a 'how to romance your wife' book for men -- can you image how many women you'd made smile :)

    Tattoo Dream and Runes are both on my to-read list -- I look forward to reading them, looks like I'll be in for a treat judging by the excerpts I've seen so far!

    Oh, and don't enter me in the contest, I've already brought Tattoo Dream! just wanted to comment, and let Em know I wish her all the best for her latest releases xx

  6. So sweet Em! I would love to get a letter like that. And then I might change the locks ;)

    I hope you much success on your releases. Many many sales on these books and the many more to come...

  7. That was such a sweet letter. I wish I would get one of those. I make sure to give my husband a poem or I personally make him a card every year for Valentines day to tell him how much I love him. In return, I get a store bough card with just his name signed in it. GRRRR, I need to have him read this for inspiration :) I would love to win this, I'm a huge tattoo fan and love that this is incorporated


  8. You should just hire yourself out to the hubbys mentioned above!! LoL Think of the cash you'd make!! LoL And the swarms of women you'd make that much happier!! LoL

  9. The love letter is very poetic in tempo. I can't wait to read the next book.

  10. Sounds like a great book! I'd love to win! :]

    nyelekli (at) yahoo (dot) com

  11. Thanks for all your great comments! I'm glad you enjoyed my little "blog experiment." I wanted something different for these new releases. Good luck to you all. Talina will choose a winner soon!



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