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Book Review: Tattoo Dream by Em Petrova

Tattoo Dream by Em Petrova
RELEASE DATE: January 28, 2011
CATEGORY: Erotic Romance
PUBLISHER: Breathless Press
LENGTH: novella / 23 pages in PDF format (5,607 word count)
HEAT LEVEL: Scorcher / Erotic/ Read with Fire Extinguisher handy
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*This ebook was provided to me by the author for review

Love has no bounds and Sacha and Van prove this when they find the perfect addition to make their marriage complete. But will the sexy kitten they have their eye on be the one to make their bond whole? Dare they open their hearts to find out? 

SUMMARY:(blurb taken from publisher's site)
Sascha and Van are happily married. Their successful tattoo parlor should be enough to keep their lives full and enriched, but they both sense a void that only a third in their marriage could fill. Sexy waitress Maggie seems to be just the one they've been looking for. At the risk of ruining their friendship with Maggie, the couple makes the move to get her into their tattoo chair with the hopes of getting her in their bed.

"What Kind of kitty do you suppose lives under that skirt?"

When I opened Tattoo Dream I expected a straight erotic read with no romance or tender hearted moments. After the first page I was proven wrong. I thought it was very interesting to delve deep within the hearts of two people that craved such a different lifestyle than my own. The characters showed great emotions as to why they needed a more profound connection and meaning to their relationship and marriage. Yes, that connection came in the form of one sensual and sexy waitress, and the bond they formed showed that love can be surprisingly unpredictable. As for the plot, it flowed smoothly, providing the happily ever after I love. There were small point of view problems that had me rereading certain parts to make sure I was following and with the same character, however they were small and did not interrupt the reading. 
Tattoo Dream took place in the upstairs tattoo parlor owned by Sacha and Van

I love strong detail and with both books I've read by Ms. Petrova I've been swept away by how she can tell a story through her words. I love being able to visualize the characters in my mind and the author's writing style provides me that escape. Her love scenes are scorching hot and I can only say that a fire extinguisher might be needed by the time you finish! 

Tattoo Dream was told through Sacha's point of view. She opened my eyes to how love can be given and shared. Where I would have attacked any woman that even touched my husband, she welcomed it, opening her heart to a bigger love that not only deepened her own feelings toward her husband, but filled a void in her own heart. Van was the perfect husband. Loving and devoted to his wife's happiness. I enjoyed reading how they both came together to welcome Maggie into their lives and their hearts. Maggie fit right into the story with her sweet personality and need for a deeper connection than just one lover could provide her.  

For such a short read, Ms. Petrova surprised me by how much heart felt emotion and scorching sex she weaved together in her new novella. She is quickly becoming a guilty pleasure of mine. I definitely look forward to reading more from this author and discovering all the wonderful characters she creates.  

Em Petrova is the author of Runes, Isolde’s Wish, Tattoo Dream, and The French Kiss Chronicles.
Since a young age, Em has been lured by the world of paranormal and romance. She penned her first novel at the age of twelve, and after gaining an arts degree, has returned to her literary roots. She loves to dig deep into the souls of her unique characters and uncover their secret desires when she doesn’t have her nose in a great new read.

Discover more about Ms. Petrova and her books HERE

MY RATING: 3.75stars
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  1. Fabulous review! I have my copy and can't wait to read it. Em is an author to watch, that's for sure!
    Roz Lee


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