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Book Review: The Wicked by Stacey Kennedy

RELEASE DATE: August 23, 2010
CATEGORY: Paranormal Romance
PUBLISHERLiquid Silver Books
LENGTH: 120 pages in PDF format (56,800 word count)
HEAT LEVEL: Sultry/Steamy 
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*This ebook was provided to me by the author for review

SUMMARY: (blurb taken from the author's site)
Thirsty vampires are only the beginning of trouble―magic, love and danger at every turn.
Nexi Jones knows two things—being half Guardian is tough—being half Witch is simply problematic. With her Guardian duties put on hold, she begins the gruelling task of discovering her magical abilities, which tend to be unpredictable, at the best of times.
At least, she has her luscious Guardian, Kyden to keep her grounded. That is, until the military-built, Ryker returns with a keen interest in being a constant thorn in her backside. With enough trouble controlling her powers—the added rivalry between the two tough Guardians leaves Nexi in urgent demand of a fire extinguisher.
But when tragedy strikes the very core of the Otherworld, Nexi needs to shape up as she lands herself knee deep into vampire society—a world run by vampire Mistresses who offer their assistance in unearthing a deadly plot of revenge. But as the truth begins to unravel, Nexi begins to discover that the Otherworld isn’t the only place where Supernaturals exist—and there is something far darker than thirsty vampires lurking within the shadows…

“Stop! That is enough,” Kyden roared.

"You killed at least twenty of them. You have proved yourself well, you strong, feral males. We females are forever in your service for such heroic display."

When I pick up a series book I am always a little nervous by how the author will carry the series through to the next installment. Will I like the characters as they grow? Will the plot loose interest for me as it progresses? 
With The Wicked, Ms. Kennedy did an excellent job of satisfying all my cravings with the second installment to her Magical Sword series. While it is hard to provide readers with a unique plot, this series is shaping up to be just that. The Wicked is a great action filled adventure with excellent and entertaining secondary characters, sprinkled with a sizzling attraction between the heroine, Nexi and her ΓΌber sexy guardian lover, Kyden. 
Right when I thought the action couldn't be amped up anymore the author throws a faced paced fight scene riddled with tension into the mix. Then on the tail end of that tension, the story will switch modes, pulling at your heart strings for Nexi, the girl who lost everything, the girl fighting for the right to love and be loved. The emotions and ties that Nexi is determined to forge with her new family add a good balance to the story, even though it lead to a few heart tugging moments as mention above. 
Ms. Kennedy can write up some good hooks too. Upon answering one question, she'll open another, pulling you through the pages as fast as you can turn them. From discovering all the new powers Nexi unearths to the dark and sexy underworld king, the story has me anxious to read what exactly Nexi's destiny is to be. That's why I have book three The Devil's Kiss waiting for me after this review. 

The Wicked takes place in the Otherworld. A parallel magical world where witches, guardians, vampires, and werewolves can choose to live, although not restrained to this other world. The portals that Nexi uses to travel between the Earthworld and Otherworld take her to any place she can imagine...literally. 

Ms. Kennedy has dared to break all the 'good little writer' rules that we have all learned for the craft. Her first person point of view with Nexi is fast, to the point, then moving on. I find her style refreshing. I don't think I would ever be able to pull it off, but Ms. Kennedy has provided a series that has so far intrigued me beyond just the great story, but in HOW to she delivers the story.   

Nexi makes flying by the seat of your pants look like an art! Flowing with the punches, she shows a great enthusiasm for life even through the most difficult of times. When you have a sultry and sexy guardian to give you that extra support, a smile is always lingering at the tip of your lips, right! 
Although she is of the Otherworld, Nexi was raised in the Earthworld and is constantly struggling with switching lifestyle. I can already tell her story is destined to be much larger than just the simple girl she grew up as. Her powers are already out shining her fellow witches and guardians. A touch kick-butt guardian also has a soft spot and a weak spot. And by the end of the story one of those weak spots will be for one feline that has a spunk that rivals many a people!
Kyden, the ever stead fast rock in Nexi's life, has only proved one thing throughout both this book and the first, that he is the perfect fit for her. While he is still proving himself to Nexi, she has finally learned to trust  Kayden beyond what she thought herself capable. This leads to many touching moments and several hot love scenes! For anything else, you have to read The Wicked to understand the emotion and bond they are beginning to form. A sizzling experience, for sure.  

I was very satisfied with the second installment of the Magical sword series. If you are looking for a new paranormal romance series to dive into and that is written in a unique voice, give this series a try. I am already reading the third installment The Devil's Kiss and loving it!

I love the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genre and love a series more!! Nothing can hook me in more than an adventure and one that keeps on going. I love a page turner, one where I’m up at a ridiculous time and my eyes burn because I can’t stop reading. Witty characters, dominant men, danger, action, romance and hot sex―oh my!
My novels are lighthearted fantasy, heart squeezing, thigh-clenching romance, and even give a good chuckle every now and again.  I’m not a planner.  I don’t write with a set idea because no matter what I plan, the characters’ voices always come through and demand I listen to them. So, I gave up trying to fight it!

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  1. Nice review, Talina. I just read Stacey Kennedy's Silent Howl which was also very good.

  2. Hey Sue! Thanks! My next read is An Everlasting bite, then I move on to Silent Howl. I am anxious to see how she does on the spin off of the Magical Sword. Have you read that series yet?

    Thanks for stopping by.:-)


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