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Welcome Guest Author Raymond Rose & Giveaway

It’s Friday once again and today we are extending a warm welcome to author Raymond Rose to Bookin’ It to talk about his debut fiction releases, The Fire Inside and Better Together. He’s also the author of some screenplays and comic books.

My first two novels are vastly different. The Fire Inside is a sprawling thriller with sci/fi and mystery elements. It's basically a comic book in a novel format. While my second book is a small, sweet and, sometimes, heart-breaking novel called Better TogetherBetter Together is about fatherhood and it's trials and tribulations. Like I said, very different.

When I finally finished both of them and decided to give them to my wife and friends to read, I had these preconceptions on who was going to like what books. In the beginning, I gave only certain books to my friends to find out what they thought. When they'd finish with the first book, they'd read the other. And in each and every case, the book they ended up liking the most was the one I thought they'd like the least. The women ended up liking The Fire Inside more than the guys. One of my friends told me that she wanted to marry Jack, she liked the book that much. Actually she used words other than marry but I'm trying to be PG here. My male friends liked Better Together, finding a book about a man's take on parenting refreshing. I thought they'd find the romance aspect too saccharine-y but I was wrong. With my female readers, I thought they'd be turned off by the constant action or violence in The Fire Inside. But just the opposite.

So what does this say about me? That I have no idea what the hell women want! Humor aside, it says that I should really stop worrying about who's going to like what and just write what I think is good and what I want to read. That was my whole litmus for The Fire Inside, the thing that kept me going when agents were telling me over and over that they couldn't market the novel. I knew that I liked it. And I knew others would. So doubt be cast aside, writers need to stop worrying about how many readers might like their books and instead focus on writing the best damn book they can. Because I think they will be surprised by who ends up liking what when it comes to their books.
I know I was.
(available in PRINT and KINDLE)
Paul Rhoads, a successful horror novelist, has moved back to his hometown in Pennsylvania. Moving back home turns out to be more than just returning to his roots but starting up a relationship with his high school sweetheart, Annie. Annie, recently divorced, is the mother of a precious eight month old, Max. However, when Annie dies in a freak car accident, Paul finds himself catapulted into the role of father and decides to do something he would never have imagined himself doing: raise Max as his own.

Jack’s life isn’t the most exciting but it’s a life; one that he’s created over the past ten years to suit him. That is, until Bruce, Jack’s best friend, comes to town. Bruce, a slick and dangerous Federal Agent, is on an uber-secret mission. But, before Jack can find out what’s going on, Bruce turns up dead in a ritzy hotel room. Suddenly, Jack has no choice but to become what he was once before: a detective. With the help of new allies (including a man who can turn invisible and a woman who can become pure information), villains old and new (including his ex-girlfriend) bent to stop him, Jack will dive back into the world he left behind only to find it a more complicated and dangerous place than he ever knew.

Mr. Rose has graciously provided one copy of each of his debut books for a giveaway to one lucky commenter! Just leave a comment and your email addy and the winner will be announced Sunday morning. Don’t forget to check back to see if you are the winner! 

“All my life, I have been surrounded by stories.  Whether it was my grandfather telling me tales of World War II, my grandmother of her trips to Europe, or my parents of their years before my sister and I were born, I was raised on stories.  So, no wonder, that I became a storyteller myself.”

For the past fifteen years, I have been actively pursuing this life of a writer.  In 1997, I left the comforts of Boyertown, PA for Chicago, IL and spent a year at Columbia College of Chicago as a Fiction Writing major.  That was an amazing year.  I learned a lot about how to be a writer, how to write, and how to feel good about myself in this chosen profession.  Those teachings only fueled me in the years to come as I made my way into the world, into the corporate sector, into being an adult.  I met a wonderful woman, got married, and moved back to Pennsylvania, intent to get published and provide a life for my family from my work.  Now I am publishing with Christopher Williams Books and things are really starting to take off!

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Thank you Mr. Rose for sharing Better Together and The Fire Inside with us today. It was a pleasure to learn more about your work and what your readers loved about each book! 


  1. Hello Mr. Rose, I have to say I found your article very interesting and I guess the moral of the article is never second guess anyone. As a male reader I am a Big Fan of Sci Fi but I have to agree that my greater interest was in your other book Better Together. Your article left me with many questions on how certain aspects took place. Because of this I look forward to purchasing your book in order to find the answer to these questions. Wishing you all the success in you career.

    theswissconnection at gmail dot com

  2. Sounds like 2 very intriguing books. I would probably like The Fire Inside best also. I adore action packed books and movies. Thank you for sharing your story :)

  3. Hi Frank and Leanne! Thanks for the comments. Frank, trust me, you're going to love Better Together. And Leanne, The Fire Inside is like an action movie... but with a good story!

  4. I hope I'm not to late to the party! It's been a long weekend with this being my first break!

    I really enjoyed your post Raymond. It was very interesting to see how differently people react. I'd be more interested in the Better Together book though. I know, being a woman I should want to read the other, but liken you said, interesting to see how people react right.:-)
    I hope I win!!! Good lucky everyone!


  5. Hey Talina!
    I just say your post on Facebook. Count me in on the giveaway! I'd love to win The Fire Inside. Nice to meet you Raymond!



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