Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Free Promotion For My Website or Blog...Why Not?

Hello everyone, it's Q here today to ask you one question, can you ever avail of free website promotion and is that even feasible?

YES, of course you can! Nowadays, your small website can amass huge traffic in no time thanks to free website promotion.

Now you might be asking yourself, how does one go about getting free website promotion? Where do I even start? Well, you can start by just following these simple yet effective steps.

1. Register your website.

Look for the hottest Internet directories and register your site there. This is the easiest and most effective free website promotion tactic. Just type in your search box for Interent Directories and you'll find hundreds upon hundreds of directories that you can register your website for free. Just prep your website and spruced it up for a higher chance to get accepted in your directories of your choice.

2. Know your forums.

One reason why forums are created is to offer free website promotion for everyone. Log in, post actively, let them know about your site in every post and you'll attract visitors in no time.

3. Write a press release.

Well as the writer that you are, release your writing prowess and put together a press release that advertises your site! This is a free website promotion tactic that you can do anytime. Type a brief paragraph or two and email it to your friends, colleagues, internet e-zines, newspapers and other media and you'll begin to see significant traffic coming to you site!

4. Be friendly online.

Free website promotion means you need to be friendly to other webmasters. Why, you ask? So they can link you immediately! Establish and keep expanding your internet contacts and never get tire of requesting and exchanging links. Not only does it generate traffic to your site it also ranks your site higher with the search engines.

5. Write an article.

Since your website is about your books, write an article about the perks of writing a book or about your latest release in the publishing world. On the concluding paragraph, mention your website in passing. This article works as an advertorial and doubles as a free website promotion approach.
Don't underestimate the importance of article writing, done right it's a free ongoing traffic generator to your site.

6. Let the whole world know about your site.

What is free website promotion without good old fashion word of mouth? Insert your website, its URL and features in daily conversations and let the good news spread from one mouth to another!

7. Design a banner ad.

Design banner ads for your site and ask another webmaster to do the same for his site. Then swap!

8. Take up a free website promotion course online.

Yes, if you didn't know, you can actually take a free website promotion course that can help you promote your site for free.

Website Promotion Tutorials can show you how to increase your website's popularity through some of the most powerful free and commercial website promotion tools. Remember, just publishing your Web site on the Internet is not enough for generating the attention it deserves. However, you do not need to pay anything in order to promote your site.

Do a little research and you'll discover -- that there is such a thing as free website promotion!

These bullet points are meant to save you time, hassle, and money when promoting your site in order to increase your traffic, better your rankings and lowering your advertising costs.

I hope you have found today’s tips helpful and I wish you much success in promoting your site!


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