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Guest Author and Giveaway with Marilee Brothers

My schizoid life as a writer in more than one genre would likely make a normal person crazy. Sixteen-year-old Allie Emerson is the main character in the young adult series (Moonstone, Moon Rise, Moon Spun) I write for Bell Bridge Books. Allegra Thome is the teacher protagonist in The Rock and Roll Queen of Bedlam, an adult mystery published by Medallion Press. True, I’ve been on both sides of the desk, most recently as a teacher. But, it seems like only yesterday I was on the other side, gazing at the teacher with what I hoped was a look of rapt attention, while busily checking out the cute guy two rows over. Consequently, I find it easy, even beneficial, to head hop back and forth between the two.

To further complicate matters, you may have noticed both my ladies have names that start with “A.” What was I thinking? Is my brain not already suffering from information overload, not to mention swirling madly with half-baked ideas for new books and plot twists yet to be written? Did I set out to complicate my life even more? Um, no. Apparently I just love the letter “A” because it was completely unplanned, like many things in my life including three sons. Yikes, that sounded bad. Rest assured, I’m not sorry I had them! My theory, though slightly flawed, was - if you wait until the right time to have babies, you never will.

 Oh yes, there’s a third leg on my stool. I started out as a writer of medieval romance. You gotta love hunky guys with big swords, castles, knights and feisty maidens with magic crystals. There is a limit to how much my brain can handle. And, no, my heroine’s name did not start with an “A.”

I have developed a method that makes writing two different genres a tad simpler. Both Allie and Allegra live in the same imaginary region of Central Washington State which happens to be my stompin’ grounds. Yakima Valley became Vista Valley. Parker and Parker Heights became Peacock Flats and Peacock Heights, an area I drove by each day when I commuted to my job as a counselor for behavior-disordered teens. Therefore, I’m able to use the same fake names in both books along with some real ones like: Cascade Mountains, Columbia River, Space Needle, Snoqualmie Pass and Lake Keechelus. Will Allie ever meet Allegra? Who knows, it could happen.
What about you? Have you figured out ways to deal with the complexities in your life? Does it involve a bottle of wine? A chick flick? A long soak in the tub? If you care to comment, there could be a book in your future, one starring a hunky knight with a big sword and a feisty maiden with a magic crystal whose name does not start with an “A.”

Castle Ladyslipper
By Marilee Brothers
When a chauvinistic knight lands in a castle full of women, somebody has to change . . .

Soldier of fortune, Garrick of Hawkwood, is ill prepared for the women of Castle Ladyslipper; especially its hostile mistress, Emma d’Arcy. Garrick is haunted by the spirit of Emma’s great-great grandmother, Rose, who brought on the curse plaguing Emma and her female relatives. Though clearly at odds, Emma and Garrick cannot deny the sultry heat rising between them. Liberally laced with humor, Castle Ladyslipper resonates with a timeless theme: love can flourish even when sown in the rocky soil of misunderstanding.

I’ve been in love with the written word since the age of four when I sat on my mother’s lap, scanning the newspaper for the simple words she’d taught me.  One of my first memories is visiting the public library and returning with an armload of books. Even now, you can find me standing over the stove, stirring spaghetti sauce with one hand, an open book in the other. Early on, I began to create my own stories. Elaborate fantasies with a full cast of characters played out in my mind. I made people fall in love, killed off a few and continued to tweak plots vowing, some day, I would write a book. Some day…

Here’s what happened:  Married at nineteen, I was the mother of two by age twenty-one. I returned to college to get my Bachelor’s Degree and began to work full time. At age thirty-one and eight months pregnant, I took the written and oral examinations for my M. Ed. and taught Physical Education until two weeks before my third son was born. After his birth, I continued to teach and coach, eventually returning to college to earn an advanced degree in counseling and psychology. I began working at a wonderful alternative school for teens who, for a variety of reasons, were unable to function at a traditional school. My stories, however, remained unwritten.

The years whizzed by. My sons are now grown with families of their own, my career in public education is over and I can write full time. No more excuses. “Some day” is now. With the support of my husband and an eighty-five pound black Labrador Retriever sleeping on my feet, I’ve now completed six books. I hope you enjoy them!

You can find out more about Marilee Brothers at her site HERE

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  1. I am just about finished with Moonstone, what a great book can't wait to read the rest...
    Thanks Marilee!!! This year I became winter neighbors with Marilee, and then I find out she is a great writer too, lovin it!!!! Janice

  2. this is great!

    americangirlie1991 AT yahoo DOT com

  3. Wow, I wouldn't be able to keep up with so much going on Ms. Brothers. Thanks for sharing here today. I haven't read any of your books but I can't get away from wanting to get your Unbidden Magic series for my niece. She would love it! I think I would love to get the series for myself too!

    Please include me in the drawing! and thanks for the chance to win!!

    allymickenzie at yahoo dot com

  4. I've read Castle Ladyslipper and loved it - even though it was one of her early ones (one man in a castle full of women? Wowza!)
    Talina, a fabulous interview, as usual and Marilee - how do you do it all? :) (So jealous)


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