Monday, May 23, 2011

Potions, Giveaways & A Fabulous Guest Author

I've been crazy busy re-decorating my little nook and getting the word count in on my work-in-progress. It's like a bottle of busy-bee potion has been uncorked in my house!

As you can see we have some pretty interesting things coming up on Bookin' It. This week we have my review for the anthology Kissed From Beyond. We also have guest author Chicki Brown swinging in to share her latest release, Hollywood Swinging! I am really excited about her visit. As most of you know I love discovering new authors to enjoy and sharing them here on the blog with all my readers! Later on in the week Q will also be back and I'll also be posting my Book Flick Reading on Friday.

I am also very excited about my very first giveaway bash!

On June 2nd Bitten By Paranormal Romance will kick off one huge blog hopping giveaway centered on romance books. In fact, the title of the hop is 18 & Over Couples Giveaway Hop . Fitting don't you agree! There are many prizes to win from wonderful authors. I'll be posting all the necessary links and information on June 2nd, so please make sure to come back! You dont' want to miss a chance to win and with so many prizes being given your chances are very high! ;-) For a sneak peak at what you could win, just look to the side bar to find the basket of swag being handed out here on Bookin' It Reviews.

And while I am mentioning all the fabulous swag, I want to send out a huge thank you to Felicity Heaton, Roz Lee, H.P. MalloryStacey Kennedy, and Em Petrova - the authors that contributed to Bookin' Its goody basket. You ladies are the best!

On the writing front I have had several people ask how my progress is going so I thought I would share some of my excitement here with you today. :-)

I have made great progress in my werewolf paranormal romance tentatively titled Claimed by Mistake. The word count is climbing steadily and I hope to be finished with the first draft no later than the 1st of August. I know that is a little slow, but I have good reason. I have been polishing my craft with several workshops given on Savvy Authors. The fabulous Virna DePaul and Deborah Blake are giving wonderful classes over there that are keeping me very busy! Can't say that I mind either. They have broadened my mind and awareness of what it take to write a good book.

Along with writing Claimed By Mistake (affectionately known as wolfie) I am also writing/plotting a witch series based on a heroine discovering her past is about to catch up with her. A past that she isn't aware of. AND I am also writing a short free read titled Bewitching Me Twice. It should be up within a few weeks for all the have a go at. I'll keep you posted on all the progress as I get closer to finishing each manuscript. I would keep word counters on the side bar, however I have yet to find any that I really like. The grey ones are just too boring!;-) I will be updating my WIP page soon though. You can keep up with all my writer-ly ups and downs there.

So what is new with you? Are you reading any new authors or books you would like to share? Don't be shy!;-)

UPDATE: Em Petrova has joined in on the 18 &Over Couples Giveaway Hop  and has contributed Runes and Trefoil to the basket of goodies! Two books that are a MUST READ!!! Em, I am sending you a warm big hug and a huge thank you! :-)    

Until Next Time...HAPPY READING!!!


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