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Book Review: Trading Up by Brindle Chase

Trading Up by Brindle Chase
RELEASE DATE: February, 2011
CATEGORY: Erotic Romance
PUBLISHERBreathless Press
LENGTH: 47 pages in PDF format 
HEAT LEVEL: Sensual/Sultry/ 
BUY THE BOOK:  Breathless Press $1.99 (various formats available)
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*This ebook was provided to me by the author for review

SUMMARY(taken from Amazon)
Heather has it bad for her sister's boyfriend. When her sister suggests a switch in the dark, the temptation is a seduction she can't ignore.

Heather adores her flighty sister's boyfriend, Mark. He's Mr. Right, and her sister is about to let him go. He's a catch, and Heather's only chance is to play out her sister's insane and wicked plan to switch in the dark. If she fails, she'll lose him to the throng of girls waiting in the wings. It's a winner takes all arena and seduction is the game.

“Okay, let me get this straight. Your boyfriend is super sexy, great in bed, has a fantastic job, with retirement, benefits, his own house. He makes great money, and is a really hard worker, and gives you sex at least once a day.” Heather recapped the highlights of his resume. A sterling silver resume in her book—solid gold—platinum. What more could a girl wish for? “Did I miss anything?” ~ Heather

Trading up was a risqué novella with a tangy twist of bitter sweetness that I couldn't help but love. My interest was piqued from the moment I read the blurb all the way through to the juicy end. My attention was monopolized between the scorching love scenes and with wanting to know how Mr. Chase would handle the sisters trading off without tainting the plot with a deceitful tone. I was pleasantly surprised by the author's ability to tell a story between two sisters whom couldn't be more different if they tried, yet showed a closeness that tied them together giving the story the family strength it needed. By allowing Heather and Terri to follow their desires, whether they be of wanting romantic freedom or the desire to claim a love thought out of reach, Mr. Chase has proven the power of love.

This spicy novella starts and ends in Marks home where destiny will decide Heather and Mark's fate.

Mr. Chase writes with fluidity and great pacing. This, matched with a believable plot and crisp dialogue, makes for great story telling. Although Trading Up is a novella, his writing style afforded the story strong emotion and add a depth to each character that surprised me in such short a time.

The two sisters in Trading Up are the exact opposite of each other. Terri being the out going adventurous lover not wanting to be tied down, while Heather is the home and hearth type. The type that would be perfect for Mark, Terri's boyfriend. Terri, being the ever observant type, is aware of this and wants nothing more than her sister to find the happiness she deserves. This alone pulled me into the story and made my view on the whole 'situation' shift from this-is-awkward to caring for both sisters and their happiness. Heather not only showed the right amount of hesitancy towards her sister's plan to show she didn't want to cross the line that is between sisters, yet showed enough strength to go after her own happiness. She was afraid going in, but came out a victor and both sisters got what they wanted in the end. Mark didn't disappoint either. I found him gentle and caring towards Heather when he could have easily been ill tempered to say the least. His confession concerning Heather was also a nice twist to the tale and left me feeling very happy with their story. I do have to say I'd love to see Terri get her own HEA, too. I believe she has more of a story to tell.

Brindle Chase writes sizzling romance filled with the right amount of love! Trading Up is my first book from Brindle Chase and I will definitely look for more of his work. 

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