Monday, June 27, 2011

Excuse The Mess Enjoy Some Eye Candy!

I apologize for the mess that is sure to follow my spring cleaning. I know...a little late for that but you know how that goes! So since your here I thought I'd share some sweet eye candy to satisfy your cravings. I'm happy to share from my stick pile of inspiration!

So our first decadent treat is here to show you a little fantasy...

Next we have a man that is ready to show his desire for you...

How can a woman resist such sexy tat like that....

And could we NOT include the sexy 
hunk Chris Hemsworth...or Thor! 

Hope you enjoyed your eye candy! You can pick up a hanky now and come back to drool...I mean enjoy the scenery as often as you like! ;-) Thanks to the awesome Team Lucan Mactavish for the sexy tat guy offered above. Like their FB page is you want to follow their Shayla Black's Doomsday Brethren Official Page!

The construction work won't take long promise! Thanks for stopping in!
Be good, ...or bad ;-) but stay cool!


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