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Paranormal Book Review: Kissed From Beyond

RELEASE DATE: March 15th 2011
CATEGORY: Erotic Paranormal Romance
PUBLISHER: Independent
LENGTH: 101 pages in PDF format

*This Ebook was provided to me by the authors

SUMMARY: ( taken from authors sites)
With visions of battle still fresh in his mind, Roane Bradfield returns home to find the woman he loves betrothed to another. He corners Kendrick Moreland at Dowager Huggins’ Grand Ball and whisks her into the secluded library. One way or the other, he will know the reason the duplicitous beauty cut him from her life when she promised to wait forever.
Kendrick can’t believe her eyes when Roane suddenly appears at the ball. Has he truly risen from the dead? Amid wagging tongues and hushed murmurs, the fantasy of her every dream whisks her from the ballroom. And the expression on his face is anything but loving. Revenge, danger and powerful love collide in the Cradle of Dreams.
If only Sara had known no man would ever make her feel like Crew did, she would have let him love her.  A regret that can never be undone.  His death haunts her dreams, and her wishful thinking only reminds her of everything she has lost.
Years later, a visit to an antique store in sultry Savannah changes everything and makes her deepest wish come true. Her beloved returns to her. Her every fantasy gets the chance to be fulfilled. But she wants more than one night. She wants a lifetime and wonders what magic will let her keep A Love Soul Deep.
ONE RUB MORE Elise Hepner
Flynn has been cursed for over a century for a social slight he never committed. A voodoo priestess hexed him and forced him into a teapot where he could be summoned by the rub of a woman’s palm. Once free, he grants these women three sexual favors—and cuts off his own emotions in the process. Unable to break free from an invisible cage of lust and sex to fall in love again he’s resigned to being a sex object and nothing more.
Helena has been house sitting far, far away from her complicated past in England— including her former childhood sweetheart, who wasn’t satisfied when Helena didn’t want to be barefoot and pregnant. She’s resigned to leave behind the complications of men and sex. She hopes logic will win out over her unreliable emotions—but she’s put to the test when she accidentally summons Flynn from his teapot prison.
‘TILL WE MEET AGAIN Stacey Kennedy
Ethan Thomas has spent years alone―forever trapped between worlds. Once a soldier in the Civil War, he’s now a ghost bound to a chaise lounge that once belonged to him. He’s spent centuries lingering in Savannah, Georgia, waiting to be saved…
Cassandra Cole is an interior designer hired to restore an old Victorian home. As she begins to furnish the house, strange happenings erupt around her. She suspects the house is haunted. Determined to find out, Cassie sets out to discover who the ghost is, why she feels a connection to him, and what she has to do to free him. The answers will surprise her in ways she never imagined.
Cradle of Dreams: Keta Diablo
With a sigh, Kendra placed Wuthering Heights, next to the cash register and spoke to a pair of lamps in her line of vision—Tiffany, she assumed, although she didn’t know one vintage lamp from the other. “If only a man like Heathcliff would waltz into my life.”

A Love Soul Deep: Amber Scott
I toyed with the locket and walked through my memories. His eyes were a remarkable shade of blue that in the right light looked green. Beyond the color though, the intensity with which he’d looked at me branded my heart forever.

One Rub More: Elise Hepner
Who could ever think it’s possible to be smitten with a shiny teapot?.
It should be impossible for Helena to be this taken in by an inanimate object—especially one that needed a good rag cleaning and had a slight dent on the right side.
“It’s not even a good investment for the price.”
“Darlin’, you’ve been to my antique shop three times since you landed in Georgia. Clearly, the hunk of metal speaks to you and you’re just too stubborn to listen.

'Till We Meet Again; Stacey Kennedy
Ethan watched Cassie light candles around the bedroom. He’d heard half of the conversation she had on the telephone, however, he got enough out of it to know she wanted to make contact with him. A swell of happiness touched his heart, in more ways than one.

Kissed From Beyond centers around an antique shoppe in Savannah, Georgia. Each author has written a story using an artifact from Ms. Higgins shoppe, bringing together a theme of love from beyond. 

I found each story well written and a pleasure to read. Each author used their creativity to take love beyond our daily routine and gave it a flare of uniqueness with a twist of eroticism that made me see the power of desire and love in a new light. Each brought great detail and emotion to their novellas as well. Something that isn't so easy for such short reads. I did find a few grammatical errors, but I nothing that threw me out of any story. 

A book worthy of it's title! This anthology wrapped me up in a soothing warm blanket of love and desire and held me close until the very end. I loved the fact that each author gave such great attention to each scene and detail. They added a heightened sense awareness to the stories through the main characters thoughts and actions which gave me the power to feel as if I were in the stories. The wide variety of stories given in this anthology also had me very intrigued. From traveling in time to saving a genie then moving on to receiving ones deepest wish from a loved one and finally experiencing love from beyond. The love scenes ranged from sizzling hot to sultry and sexy with everything in between. You may want to save this book for when you can have a chilled glass of wine and some quiet time because you will not want to put it down until you have read each and every story. The wine will help cool you down afterwards!

If you want to know more about the authors in the anthology Kissed From Beyond, you can visit them at their respective author sites below.


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  1. These are marvelous authors, what a wonderful anthology! Thanks for sharing.

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