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Book Review Review: Trefoil by Em Petrova

RELEASE DATE: April, 2011
CATEGORY: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 9781603106283 
PUBLISHERRed Sage Publishing
LENGTH: 255 pages in PDF format 
HEAT LEVEL: Sensual & Spicy
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*This Ebook was provided to me by the authors

When the husband Lillian LeClair has been bound to since World War II takes her on vacation which turns out to be a tour of cemeteries; she is bombarded by glimpses into a mysterious man’s soul as well as memories of her life as a mortal. Once she realizes this mystery man is tracking her, she is frantic to escape. But the phenomenon known as the Calling has her in its grip and Lillian is aboard the runaway train which will inevitably link them.
Famous and centuries-old sculptor Nathan Halbrook is on the receiving end of Lillian’s Call, and is tormented to discover the woman he’s waited years for is the wife of another man. As Nathan and Lillian come face to face, they find themselves embroiled in the puzzling events surrounding Lillian's delivery into immortal life. While the holes of her memory are plugged, a sacrifice is made to keep Lillian Walking and in the arms of her immortal mate.

He stepped towards her. Besides, I want you in my arms that night. I want to help you wiggle into your gown, slide the zipper up for you. I want to fasten a diamond choker about your throat. I want to help you slip into those long silvery gloves, caressing each finger as I do. I want to dance all night with you in my arms. and I want to take you to my bed after all the guests straggle off and make you mine for eternity. ~ Nathan

Lillian huddled into John‟s tweed sports coat. The grey light of dusk burned through the atmosphere, obliterating all colors except those which contained purple. Purple-blue shadows kissed the downcast faces of robed women guarding the graves of the dead. Tall, stately obelisks thrust their points into the sky, casting majestic purple shadows. And angels‟ wings unfurled to embrace the loved ones gone, drenching the departed in opaque lavender devotion.

Trefoil challenged me from the first page. The characters challenged me to look beyond the black and white lines of love and acceptance, right and wrong which in short lead to the entire story challenging me. It was life a breath of fresh air. It's not often that an author can create a story that has a love triangle and give it a satisfactory ending. While reading Trefoil I often paused to consider how often nothing in life(or fiction)is set in stone; that no matter how often we may take fate into our own hands sometimes there are bigger things at work. In short, Trefoil  challenged me to take myself out of my comfort zone and consider new possibilities. 
After reading the blurb for Trefoil I was intrigued as to how the author would deliver a romance with a happily ever after when the heroine is committed and bound to one man while falling for her another - her immortal mate. But their in lies the answer and halfway through the book I couldn't read fast enough to find out just how different an immortal's concept of life is to my own. I was pulled into Lillian's world and forced to see life through her eyes and feel the burning desire and connection the Calling infused her with for one man all the while harboring the love she felt for a relationship and man of over a half a century old. The author did a wonderful job of melding together raw and gritty emotion with a sense of family and friendship. Each chapter teased me with a hint of what was to come, surprising me with each turn of the page. I couldn't put it down! At three in the morning there I was hoping my Ereader's battery would last long enough to finish just one more chapter. 
Trefoil started out as a I'm-not-so-sure read that swiftly turned into a well rounded romance the melted my heart for Lillian and her man. But no spoilers...I'll leave it to you to find out what happens between Lillian, John and the Immortal man she Calls to - Nathan.

For the most part of Trefoil a whirl wind of traveling takes place bouncing the three Immortals from the tropical Islands of Hawaii, to the sultry heat of California and on up the coast, then on to Vermont where all three fates will be decided. 

Author Em Petrova added a flair of poetry to her descriptions that flowed like sweet molasses throughout the story. This is new to her style and I loved it. She's always had an eye for detail in everything she writes, something I am very picky about. However this sweet new twist to her writing style added a depth of emotion to her story that had it jumping of the page making me take notice of everything from a gentle touch to a demanding kiss. I hope to see more of Em Petrova in the future. Her strong characters and plots mixed with her smooth prose has left me wanting more! 

Trefoil is the story of three characters, Lillian, John and Nathan. While John had my heart from the beginning and kept it throughout(even by the end), Nathan  made space for himself un-apologetically right alongside John. Both physically strong as well as emotionally. Both handsome in their looks and loving towards Lillian. Both perfect for Lillian. The two men battled for equality, but as with Lillian, I did not know which my heart called to more until the real story came to light and what a twist that was! 
At first Lillian didn't have me convinced. Like I said before it was challenging to connect with her at first. Then as I continued reading I came to see how a lot of what was happening to her was out of her control. By chapter three I was enthralled in her character and wanted to see more of how she would react as things progressed and the story picked up. At first she seemed weak, but that changed as the layers were removed and she was revealed to me as the reader. By the end I was cheering for her and loved how she rose up for herself when the time was right with not one backwards glance. 

I took a chance on Trefoil not knowing if I would like the type of love triangle the plot offered, but I am glad I did. I trusted the author and she delivered! For a story of immortal love and a happily ever after that will pull at your heart strings I highly recommend you read Trefoil! 

Since a young age Em Petrova has been focused on the world of romance and paranormal. She penned her first novel at the age of twelve, and after gaining an arts degree has returned to her literary roots. Currently she is inspired by the twisted happenings in the world in which she lives with her sexy husband and small children in rural Pennsylvania. She loves to dig deep into the souls of her unique characters and uncover their secret desires when she doesn't have her nose in a great new read.
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