Monday, July 11, 2011

Book Flick Feature

Today's book flick feature is based on Hunt the Moon by Karen Chance, the fifth book in her Cassie Palmer series. 
I found the series about a year ago and fell in love with Mircea and Pritkin - the two main men in the leading lady's life. Speaking of which, Cassie, is one smart quick witted heroine that is a tidbit on the eccentric side. There is never a dull moment in this series for sure! 

Yet, although I am knee deep in Cassie's world at the moment and have been looking forward to this book for well over a year, I almost didn't buy the recently released Hunt the Moon because of one thing - the book flick. Yes, it was that bad. I try to refrain from saying anything negative about book or trailers but this one had me seeing the characters in a whole other light and not a good one at that. In the series, Ms. Chance has brought to life characters that have a certain poise out them and when someone tries to translate that into a video with a man wearing a wig representing the hero and a heroine that resembles nothing of the character I've been reading about for four books now, I tend to get ripped out of the world the author worked so hard to create for me as a devote reader.   

On the brighter side, it's not all bad. The narrator's voice is very commanding and his deep tone works great with delivering the script with emotion. And the evil eye surrounded by fire towards the end of the flick really was a creative add in.  

Want to see it for yourself?

Roll today's feature.... 

Book Blurb:
Hunt The Moon
Book Five 
Cassandra Palmer Series
by Karen Chance
Buy The Book
Barnes and Noble
Cassandra Palmer recently defeated a god, which you'd think would buy a girl a little time off. But it doesn't work that way when your job description is Pythia-the world's chief clairvoyant. Cassie is busier than ever, trying to learn about her power, preparing for her upcoming coronation, and figuring out her relationship with the enigmatic sexy master vampire, Mircea.

But someone doesn't want Cassie to become Pythia, and is willing to go to any lengths to make sure the coronation ceremony never happens- including attacking her mother before Cassie is even born.

So, what are your thoughts? Have you ever lost interest in a book or series because of the book's flick? 

Note* Tomorrow the wonderful Marilee Brothers is coming in for an interview from yours truly and she is giving away a copy of her Castle Ladyslipper. I hope to see you there!


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