Friday, July 29, 2011

Book Flick Reading (17) The Tempest By Em Petrova

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The heat is sizzling and so are the books! Since it's Friday that means it's time for another Book Flick Reading! As always, please remember, you are welcome to share your link below in the comment section if you have a vlog reading of your own. My Book Flick Reading is just for fun now with a twist on my thoughts for the books I am reading form at the end of each video. For those that are new to the blog, the idea behind my Book Flick Reading is to share a small snippet from a book I am reading or want to share here with you. I hope you enjoy my videos!

Today's feature reading is for Em Petrova's latest release, The Tempest! I've been in love with this Adira De La Fay and Jace Maddox's story since the moment the author created the characters and their tale. It's full of emotion and adventure that is the perfect ingredients to a hot and spicy erotic romance! Magic, uncontrollable storms, dragons and hot love all in one book! If you like paranormal romance mixed with a touch of fantasy and sizzling romance The Tempest is for you! 

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this weeks video.You can find all the author and book info below the video...ENJOY!!

Book One

Witches of Westaddy

The Tempest

A bewitching woman named Adira de la Fay haunts the grounds of Adsbury Manor, a psychiatric care center where Doctor Jase Maddox has taken a longed-for position. Her delicate beauty and soulful eyes unsettle him while her strange ability to nurse dead plants into beautiful blooms, her fervor for playing the cello, and her obsession with all things Shakespeare make Jase suspect her mind is more intact than her previous doctors have believed. Between this puzzle and the desires she raises in his body, he can’t stay away from her.

Adira de la Fay has spent a lifetime locked behind the walls, and amongst the patients, of Adsbury Manor. As her new doctor helps her unknowingly reach her potential by lessening her medication, her powers begin coming back in force. Desperate to escape her circumstances and find a way to right the past, she asks the intriguing man for help. Though he satisfies her lusts, she fears she cannot be truly happy until she claims her rightful place and balances the magical world.

As Dr. Jase unlocks Adira’s passions, she reveals that her gifts run deeper than anyone imagined and that he has untapped powers of his own. Though uncertain as to whether he believes in this strange new world, he must free her from the Bedlam that has swallowed her life. With his career jeopardized, he removes her from Adsbury Manor though the move could land him in prison and her back into the world that has nearly destroyed all she is.

Bookin' it happenings...
We have Roz Lee on the blog talking about NOT being a sex therapist and answering a few questions erotic romance readers throw her way. You can enter her giveaway HERE. And Felicity Heaton is in celebrating her up coming Her Guardian Angel full length novel with a giveaway of an ebook and awesome book swag just above! So don't be shy and get your name in the pot for the giveaways! :-)

Thank you for joining in this week...Happy Reading!


  1. OMG Em- what a great sounding book- love the wickedness and suspense
    Dawne P

  2. fab reading xx yeay! I'm psyched to read this Em Petrova's work :)

  3. This is wonderful! Thanks Talina and Em:)


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