Monday, July 4, 2011


Happy Fourth Of July! 

This is holiday I miss the most while away from my home land. The time when, as a child, I would run with my sparklers through the park and make pretend  I was a sword yielding defender of my land. That no one could defeat me in all of the world. In my defense I was five at the time and thought He-Man was the bomb! I am often told that with my 'hightened' imagination as a child it is a wonder I do not write fantasy.

However just because I am away doesn't mean my heart doesn't sing with pride to be an American. I thank all the brave men and women, both in the years past and present, that have taken the stand for our beautiful country and to protect us and keep our lands free. I thank my husband for being the Marine he is and for the honor to share a life with such a fine man.

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Here's to a safe and Happy Fourth of July to all no matter where you are in the world!

Note: Tomorrow author Erin Jamison will be in to talk about her latest release, Better Than 8 Fantasy!


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