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Paranormal Book Review: Snow's Heat by Nicole Hicks

Snow's Heat ~ Nicole Hicks
RELEASE DATE: June 22, 2011
CATEGORY: Paranormal Romance
LENGTH: 15, 576 words
HEAT LEVEL: Sensual/Sexy 
BUY THE BOOK:  $2.46 Amazon Kindle

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*I purchased this ebook for review

SUMMARY:(taken from author's site)
When your husband declares you aren’t enough after ten years, don’t get mad… Get a Bic and start a bonfire!

When Sabrina’s husband decides to move on to greener, and freer pastures, she knows she has to move on herself. Wounded and alone, she escapes to a friend’s cabin to think about her future…and burn her past. Literally.

Can she rise from the ashes of her marriage a new woman, or did she lose too much trying to salvage an illusion? Dealing with the heartache of her new reality, she meets a mystery man in the backwoods. One that makes her burn with desire.

Once just a soldier, now Travis is something…more. His last tour changed him in more ways than one. Can he come to terms with what he is, while dealing with the mixture of lust and possessiveness Bree brings out in him? Or is her past too much for him to handle?

"It takes a lot for a woman to be willing to burn away her past. It takes a lot of hurt to cause a woman to sequester herself away to work through that pain. I can't imagine the amount of anger it would take for a woman to being a fire with the crotch of a man's boxers. But most of all, it takes a bastard a lot of years to cause all the grief I see in your eyes as you watch the flames destroy everything that holds his memory." ~ Travis

He crept through the bushes, keeping an eye on the cabin. That woman was in his territory. She has come out of nowhere, brought all kinds of things out of that ugly beat-up van and seemed to be taking up residence. Residence in his area, his territory, his woods.

Snow's Heat, book one in the Prowling Around series, was a quick sexy read perfect for that lunch hour or poolside time you just have to pass with a book in hand. The plot was quick paced and had it's moments of emotional pulls that left me cheering and empathizing with the heroine. I think the author did a great job of working a lot of story into such a short read. There was a couple of times I couldn't quiet grasp the meaning behind the actions of the characters such as the hunting scene where to hero scares off the trespassing hunters. I think it was more bogged down with the author's knowledge of hunting rather than the hero's ability to move through the woods and catch up with the hunters undetected. But it was not enough slow down the story for me or have me set aside the book. I do have to say I enjoyed the chemistry between the two main characters, Bree and Travis. The heat was definitely there and could have been played on a bit more, however the ending left off on a positive note that makes me wonder if the author has another book planned for these two characters.  I will most definitely keep my eyes open for the next installment of the Prowling Around series.

Snow's Heat takes places in the backwoods at Bree's best friend's cabin far from the city life she is accustomed to. But don't think she can't handle herself! 

Nicole Hicks has a unique style and voice that I found refreshing. Overall Snow's Heat flowed smoothly with plenty of detail that brought to life the setting and characters of the story. I think Ms. Hicks has wonderful potential as an author for the romance genre!

Bree walked right off the pages and into my heart. As a woman and mother I connected to her right away. The pain she suffered and lived through is a 'real life' problem that happens every day. She showed great character and a strong spirit that had me cheering the whole time for her. I especially love the ending where she really got to say her two cents worth and show just how much she was in command! Travis also proved to be the caring alpha hero I hoped he would be. I love military men and he fit right into my tastes. His soft heart and understanding ways didn't get in the way of him going all snarly and possessive of Bree in just the right moments. This also lead to the 'I have a backbone and a mouth thank you very much' moment that I loved from Bree. In conclusion both characters were perfect for each other!

I recommend Snow's Heat to anyone that wants a quick sexy read full of emotion that ends on a happy note. It will place a smile on your face the day through for sure! I will definitely keep my eyes open for the next installment in Ms. Hicks Prowling Around Series. 

(My Book Flick Reading is just for fun. For those that are new to the blog, the idea behind my Book Flick Reading is to share a small snippet from a book I am reading or want to share here with you and now offer a little insight to what I think of the authors snippet I read.)

Nicole Hicks has been considered a "Jill of all trades" and a "Renaissance woman" when it comes to knowledge. When her passion for reading turned into a passion for writing, the world as she knew it exploded in all possible ways. What do you get with a vivid imagination and a head full of dreams? A world where anything is possible.


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