Sunday, July 24, 2011

Winners for Dawne Prochilo & Brinda Berry's Giveaways

It's a beautiful Sunday evening here in Puerto Vallarta so that means it's time to announce some book winners!

But first as always, I want to send out a warm and heartfelt thank you to both Ms. Prochilo and Ms. Berry for the time they spent here with us this week and for the awesome giveaways! You ladies are gold! :-)

As you all know the winners were drawn using

Okay the winner of Dawne Prochilo's
When We Meet Again is:

Comment # 12GFC Anne38

Congratulations Anne! I'll be writing Ms. Prochilo with your email addy so that she can get your prize to you.

Winners of Brinda Berry's giveaways are:

First five commenters on Ms. Berry's post won a
romance trading card and those winners are:

Comment # 2 Ally M 
Comment # 3 NA
Comment # 4 Daniella
Comment # 5 Yadkny
Comment #6 Marybelle

Congratulations to all of you! Ms. Berry has already been in contact with you so please check your email! :-)
And for the winner of Ms. Berry's debut book, The Waiting Booth.....

Listen to Ms. Berry's announcement here...

Congratulations to all the winners! Happy Reading!


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