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Why We Read Those Forbidden Words…with author Tonya Kinzer

Bookin' It Reviews is honored to have author Tonya Kinzer return here today to give us insight as to why readers of erotic romance enjoy the genre so much. I think you'll find her post very intriguing and even a little naughty! And because Ms. Tonya Kinzer is such a fabulous lady and author that likes to give back to her readers she is offering an awesome giveaway with all the details below her post.

And now, Tonya Kinzer.....

     Since I love the Dom/sub, soft bondage and BDSM erotica, I think that is perfect to discuss here today! Those topics appeal to readers because first, they are taboo and people love to read what shouldn't be written. Better yet is the internal ecstasy the reader gets while they read those forbidden words that create even more forbidden thoughts! No it’s not a sin to feel that way, so stop it! (it is a sin to force those feelings on someone who doesn’t share that with you) It’s a beautiful feeling that can be satisfied by touching another individual, feeling the moisture on their skin, the increased heart rate, the darkening of their eyes as their pupils enlarge with the intense feelings and the smell that emanates from the body! Now where did I put that ice bag?

     Do you fall into that category? I sure hope so. Sneaking to read some of our books is part of the fun, not to mention the internal upheaval that goes on while we read. Our imaginations create vivid images of naked bodies; of women restrained while others torture their sexual needs and take them to the brink of orgasm! Oops, can I say that here? Too late now…it’s out, so let’s discuss that, too!

     First, I’m going back to the images that reading creates in our mind as well as our own growing need to have sex while we read or immediately afterward. The body heat intensifies, our juices begin to flow, some a bit more than others, we start to fidget in our chair or on the bed. This brings us to the one-handed readers and we know what they do! *wink*  mmmm….damn! Perhaps more of you are one-handed readers than we know about! As authors, we LOVE that group!

     Now let’s move on to what some like to read about. Our mind goes crazy at the thought of a naked woman…or man…being tied to a table or a bed or over the horse as her Dom slowly touches her body everywhere. She’s forbidden to speak or whimper a sound. His touch is light, teasing, tormenting, making her want that powerful release that explodes in her body, heats and satisfies, yet creates an even stronger need for more. He caresses her skin with oil, massaging her breasts, her thighs and….yep he goes there too, only to feel how much of her juices have seeped for him.

     Do I have your attention yet? Take those feelings and put them to work in your own relationship and make your partner feel as though they are the only one in your universe. Some of us have lost that spark but it can be relit. You have the power to create those same sensations in their body. Pay attention to what touch makes them crazy and where that area is because it’s different for each one of us. As their excitement increase, so will yours…because you know you have created a need in them that has to be completed and only YOU can do that. Go for it! Give your partner the pleasure they deserve and in turn, you receive more pleasure, I promise you! Maybe they secretly want the same thing but have been afraid to let you know. Break the ice…you may be pleasantly surprised!

     I hope you take the time to check out my series, titled The Boss’s Pet. I do include loving relationships along with adventure into unknown territory for my heroine. Follow her and she just might help YOU open yourself up to ask for what you want in a relationship. I have a hot excerpt (  from book three, Sharing Among Friends, on my website ( ) as well as the book trailer for the series. It gives you a taste of what may be coming up in book four, coming soon to an eStore near you! Thank you for stopping in and I hope you continue to enjoy those forbidden reads! Muah!

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Thank you so much for being here today Tonya! I love to read your insight into the erotic genre. I've read so many posts by you and they have all given me so much as not only a reader but also a writer. :-)

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  1. Hi and thank you for stopping in to read today! Did you get your packet of confetti at the door? Talina said we could toss as much as we want this weekend! She's decorated with balloons on the ceiling, fancy ribbons hanging from each one, and strobe lights just to make it more fun! The bartender is waiting for you so flirt away as you order your drink! Don't forget to roam around the site here, there is so much to check out!

    Has reading erotica and forbidden words made you more adventuresome in the bedroom?

  2. i liked the inside ^^ i also believe it's all about the taboo thing. i confess that i like that too ;)

    i am an international reader.

    GFC: Yto

    witchvela at web dot de

  3. WoooHooo I love the party feel of the room. *throwing more confetti* I have learned a lot from The Boss's Pet. Now fetch me a White Russian before I spank your little butt. ~Steve (USA)

  4. Nicely expressed on why we read what we read. Those internal feelings are really powerful.

  5. Talina, thank you for hosting me this week, I had a blast! I've picked a winner....Yto!! I will email her. Congrats Yto!! Thank you for stopping in to comment and read!


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