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Books I Want to Write By Author Em Peters

I am honored and very proud to present to you today a debut book from a friend that is a highly sought after erotic writer under another pen name, a writer that stops at nothing to help those just starting out in writing, and a woman I call my friend. Em Peters, the good girl alter ego of author Em Petrova is here today to share her long awaited JUST released debut paranormal book, Moon Child! And in true Em fashion she is here with a giveaway to one lucky winner to one reader. All the quick and easy how-to's for entering the giveaway are just below the post.

So , please help me welcome friend and author Em Peters!
At the age of twelve, I penned my first book—a spin-off of the Sweet Valley High series. I passed the story of juvenile love around the seventh grade and got my first taste of success. A nice little group of girls begged me for the next installment, which I’d scribble out during study hall or after school.

Quickly, my passion for writing morphed into more intricate stories laced with the macabre tones of my hero Stephen King and a touch of twisted romance fed by my obsession with V.C. Andrews.

My latest works range from contemporaries to time travel to urban fantasy. My debut release MOON CHILD is paranormal fiction similar to The Time Traveler’s Wife or The Lovely Bones. My current work-in-progress is a post-apocalyptic romance.

My to-be-written list is half a mile long. Characters dance through my head—stories of ghosts and a race of beings that walk the night consuming something other than blood (I don’t want to give away the goodies!). I even have my first vampire novel languishing in the stores of my brain, waiting for me to finish a manuscript so I can pound the keys and let a new story develop.

The authors I love heavily influence my work. I’ve always adored Charles Dickens and Louisa May Alcott. Their tales inspire a passion for a time of old. Yet Anne Rice always sinks her hooks into me, and I find my family sagas gallop off on a tangent of mystery and paranormal happenings.

In my new release MOON CHILD, one boy’s love blooms into an epic tale of adventure, mystery, and the passion he needs to break a centuries-old pact and free the woman he loves from a life she fears. This truly is a story of my heart. While I’ll continue to reach deep inside myself to bring new characters to life, the story of Jack Winters and the Moon Child, Anwar, will always have special meaning to me. I hope you’ll pick up this book and find yourself in love with the children who grow into driven adults and search for happiness in a world of confusion and madness.

Thanks for reading!
Em Peters

Moon Child
Em Peters
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Whiskey Creek Press
Centuries ago the Montgomery family made a pact with the Indian Nations, and Jack Winters is determined to break it.

When eight-year-old orphan Jack spies an otherworldly girl seated in the crook of a cherry tree, he’s instantly smitten with the dark waif known as the “Moon Child.” Over time they become inseparable and the steel tendrils of tenderness take hold of Jack, especially on nights of the full moon, when she seeks sanctuary in his bunk, begging him to silence the voices she hears.

Frantic to find a way to help, he is thwarted by family at every turn. By the time he’s an adult, his determination to uncover the secret drives him to defy the family’s strict orders and he learns his childhood love has transformed into the bonedriven need to be part of her life in a brand new way.

To free her from the life she fears, he first must trust himself. Only then can he break the pact naming the woman he loves as Guardian of the Indian Six Nations, which forces her to wander the night protecting their peoples and ensuring the Montgomery family’s prosperity, but to her, means certain d


Em, it is such a pleasure to have you here today!

Thank you to all the readers for stopping in today and sharing some time! Here are the how-to's for Em's giveaway.....

Em Peters is giving away one e-copy of Moon Child here today 
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  1. I just have to add that I loved V.C. Andrews as a teenager. I devoured her books and passed many hours in my small town library with them. In fact I read them so much the librarian gave me two of books as a birthday gift which I've kept with me. :) Thanks for sharing here today, Em!

  2. You sound so super creative. Even if I had dancing Vampire's in my head that is probably where they would stay. Thanks for the great interview. Good Luck in all you do.

    mary_reiss @

  3. I loved Sweet Valley Twins! And later Sweet Valley High! Of course then came V.C. Andrews and many many more!! My mom was afraid I was gonna be a nerd!! LOL

    Already follow the blog, but will share on FB!

  4. Moon Child sounds really good and I've definitely added it to my wishlist.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    *GFC Follower

  5. This book sounds awesome! Thanks so much for the post and giveaway.

    GFC ~ erin


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