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The Trouble With Happy Endings with Author Sable Hunter

After a couple of days of trouble with blogger (no pun intended ;-)) I am finally able to present to you in cooperation with Coffee Beans and Love Scenes TROUBLE by Sable Hunter. She is here once again to share a very interesting article and an excerpt of her latest release. Please for give my tardiness in posting. Blogger has been a huge pain to work with lately but it seems they've worked out their kinks. 

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The Trouble With Happy Endings

As I read most of the submission guidelines for romance novels, especially erotic ones – there is really only a couple of parameters that you must keep in mind.
One – no glorification of rape
Two – no pedophilia or bestiality – (shifter sex is an exception)
And Three – there must be a happy ending for our loving couple 
I don’t really have any trouble staying within the boundaries of these requests, but the third one does make me think. 
     Now, I love happy endings – and I wouldn’t think of writing a romance novel any other way.  In all genres of books, there is nothing less satisfying that one that ends on a downward turn – a sour note – it’s too much like real life, isn’t it?  I especially detest those that leave you hanging or let you guess as to which path they chose or which door they opened – ala The Lady and The Tiger – that’s just a damn cop-out as far as I’m concerned.  I don’t want to do the author’s job.  I want her to do what she does best and make me happy!
     I was studying genres of books the other day, trying to determine what category a friend of mine’s book would slot into.  One of the selections was real life – thankfully it was young adult and not romance – and it’s bad enough that’s its young adult.  A real life romance is not my cup of tea – because, frankly things don’t always work out well.  I used to gauge the success of any venture in my life by that measure – if it ended well, I considered it worthwhile and if it didn’t – it was a failure.  No matter how wonderful an event was or how much I got out of the experience – if the ending was less than perfect, I discounted the whole shebang. 
     The older I get, the less I let that mindset rule me – that everything has to have a happy ending.   After all, discounting any religious beliefs you may have – we’re all going to die and that isn’t the best ending in anybody’s book.  So, what I’ve learned to do is to appreciate the journey.  It is as important – if not more so – than how something turns out. 
     All of my books leave the reader satisfied.  In T-R-O-U-B-L-E, Cooper is an abused woman who thinks she is unworthy to be loved.  Along comes Ky and he falls head over heels for her and makes it his greatest desire to prove to her a real man can be gentle, loving and sexy as hell.  Ky and Cooper have a happy ending – right prevails, love conquers all and Cooper finds a hero who makes all of her dreams come true.  We all want that!!  Don’t we?
     Now, the challenge comes after the final page turns.  Have you ever wondered what happens to that couple when the worries of everyday life over take them or the trying circumstances of disease, financial trouble, a wondering eye – REAL LIFE – sets in?  Well, I write series.  So, I’m challenged to present those couples who starred in previous books in a quasi-realistic light.  This isn’t their story – so what’s the best approach to take with them?  Now, in my books – the couples, of course, are still in love and still devoted to one another, but I try to show that the wedding bells have quieted, the honeymoon cruise is over and now they’re getting down to the business of everyday life.  And as you all know, the daily grind of living has its challenges – ups and downs, twists and turns and it’s hard to maintain that mountain top experience that romance novel close out with – the happy ending.
     So what does that mean?  Should we all opt to write real life plots, exclusively?  My books have their real life characteristics.  My stories deal with abuse, body image issues, prejudice – even disease and drug cartels.  But by the end of chapter twelve, my hero has managed to fight dragons, save the day and carry the heroine off into the sunset on a snow white steed (note in my erotic romances they have sex in the saddle on the horse on the way). 
     And that’s the way it should be – because we read to be happy, to recapture the magic of first love or the thrill of romance we may never have been lucky enough to experience in our own lives.  We read to be entertained – not depressed with a tedious rendering of the mundane or the disappointing.  I’ve read reports that show when the economy takes a downturn – romance novels are one of the few things whose sales rise when everything else is falling.  People turn to books with happy endings to take their minds off their own troubles. 
     So – my books are uplifting – they may make you cry in places, but they will also make you smile, laugh and sweat with the hot, mind-blowing sex.  And that’s how it should be.  I got tickled at one reviewer who critiqued my book and what she had a problem with was the unrealistic sex – as she called it.  I had a scene where the heroine is pleasuring the hero and comes just from the sheer joy of watching his enjoyment and the thrill she got of giving it to him.  I also write scenes where the heroine comes from breast stimulation alone.  I hate to burst her bubble – those things do happen – I should have told her to speak for herself.  Fortunately for me - those things aren’t unrealistic – I’ve done both – several times – so reality, in some ways, is relative.
     Happy endings are a trademark of the romance industry.  There’s an Elvis song by that name – Happy Endings.  I love it and I sing it sometimes at the top of my lungs.  It speaks of preferring a story with a happy ending – where boy meets girl and they never part, but live forever – happily.  And I say – so be it.  Happy endings may not always be realistic – but they’re damn sure fun to read.  I’m sitting on my porch right now, and as soon as I finish this article, I’m going to get me a hard lemonade – hold my cat – read a hot Lorelei James cowboy erotic and thank God that when I come to the last page the only thing that I will be sorry about is that the story is over.

Here’s an excerpt from T-R-O-U-B-L-E –

The clock chimed eleven. Then quiet. There was no noise, except for their breathing.
She scooted back against the couch, giving him as much room as possible. Stretching out beside her, Ky lay on his side, facing her. “Don’t be nervous, baby. This is going to feel so good for you, I promise. And you’re going to enjoy it as much as I will.” Pulling her close, he nudged one of his legs between hers, and clasped her behind the knee, guiding her leg up over his hip. When he had finished, their bodies were nestled intimately together.
“Just last night, I lay in my bed so very lonely.” She touched his forehead, teasing a lock of his light brown hair. “I thought of you.” A small laugh escaped her throat. “Do you know that I watch for you when I drive by your house, hoping I will see you?”
He held her close and feathered little kisses all over her face. Soft. Sweet. His breathing was coming a little faster. “Yeah. And I would watch you go by. I had worked out this whole fantasy in my mind about who you were and what you looked like…” He took her bottom lip in his mouth and nibbled on it, laving it with his tongue.
“I used to imagine what we would do together. When you walked into my life, I was floored. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known. I can’t tell you how hard it was to hold myself back. And when I found out you were my mystery woman, Cooper—you’ll never know what that did to me. Right from the start, it seemed as if I knew you—that we could skip the preliminaries. I guess you’ve noticed how I talk to you; the sweethearts, loves, babes. Cooper, I don’t talk like this. I have never spoken to another woman like this. But with you, I can’t help it.” All the time he was talking, he was stealing kisses, drawing designs on her skin with his fingers, getting her ready for his loving.
Slowly, he slipped one hand to her back and released the clasp on her bra. Cooper’s breath hitched in her throat. “I love how you talk to me. It makes me feel safe.” Ky didn’t stop to analyze her statement, his eyes were on what he was unveiling. He scooted himself down on the couch, until his face was even with her breasts.
“Oh, Cooper,” he breathed reverently. “You are so beautiful.” Ky couldn’t help himself; he enfolded her in his embrace and pressed his face to her breasts, kissing the side of one and then the side of the other then trailing his tongue down the tender valley. Her breasts were just right, probably a C cup. They were perfectly proportioned to her body; full, round and aching for his touch. Even though his attention was fully focused on the pleasurable task before him, Ky was aware her little hand was stroking his shoulder and his arm, wanting as much contact as he did. He looked up at her face to see her eyes were closed, but her lips were parted and the pink tip of her tongue was playing along her upper lip. He smiled. Cooper was getting into this.
“Your nipples are like sweet, tight, little raspberries.” Ky hadn’t touched them with his lips yet, he was building up to that. Right now, he was delighting himself in cupping, molding, massaging, and teasing the tantalizing globes. Cooper arched her back, pushing the soft mounds deeper into his hands. “Does that feel good, love?”
“Oh, yes,” she whispered. “It makes me want…it makes me want…”
“It makes you want what, doll?” Gradually, he worked his way to her nipples. Softly, he circled one nipple, coming closer and closer to the center. He watched it pout and pucker as if reaching up for a kiss.
“I want…” She moaned when he took both nipples between his fingers and began to rub and pull gently. “I want…” Cooper gasped for breath as he milked the tight buds and the fevered areola in a rhythmical motion that caused her hips to lift in supplication. “Oh, Ky, you don’t know—I can’t tell you—that feels…incredible.”
“I bet I can make it feel even better.” He began kissing the upper swells of her breasts, still playing with her nipples. Cooper had wound her fingers in his hair and was kissing the top of his head while making little happy noises in her throat. Then he took them both to the next level. Opening his mouth, he sighed as he finally let himself feast on her nipples. He groaned at their sweetness. First one. Then the other.
“God, Ky.” Cooper cried out at the sensual assault. “Open your mouth wider, baby. Take more of me in. Suck harder!” Ky couldn’t help but laugh. Cooper had lost her inhibitions. He lifted up a silent prayer of thanks as he obeyed her every command.

* * * *

Something was happening. Ky’s mouth was taking her to heights of ecstasy she had not even known existed. Tightness was building in her sex; desire was spiraling out beyond her control. Heat was spreading up from between her legs. Her nipples felt like they were on fire. She wanted to move, she wanted to push upward. She wanted to scream.
So she did.
A climax hit Cooper so hard every cell in her body sparked with electricity. Wave after wave of white-hot delight billowed outward from the molten core between her legs. She felt her hips jerk spasmodically, and Ky held her tight, his body moving against hers, as he continued to suckle at her breasts. “I never knew, Ky. I had no idea.”
Cooper wasn’t the only one surprised at the pleasure. He had done something he had never done before.
Kyler Landon had come in his skivvies.
When Cooper had come apart in his arms, making those sexy little sounds, he had exploded in his shorts. Without a touch. Without any physical stimulation at all.
Just Cooper.

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  1. I've read many Sable Hunter books and Trouble is going on the list right now. I'm glad I stopped by ladies, I might have missed this book! Thanks for your post today Sable. :-)

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  2. I have not read any of Sable Hunter's stories but this one is on my list. I love the sound of it and the characters sound very interesting.
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