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Book Review: Safe Harbour by Cara Cooper

Safe Harbour by Cara Cooper
Release Date: September 23, 2011
Publisher: XCite
Source: Author
Age Group: Adult
Category: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Pages: 175 pages
Available Formats: KindleEPub
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My Rating: 3.5 Stars
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Back Of The Book:
Cassandra Waverley is thrilled with her beautiful harbourside restaurant. She's escaped a stressful job in the city and a personal meltdown which haunts her still. Just when she is relishing her seaside haven,  dark, brooding Adam Hawthorne turns up, taking an unhealthy interest in her property and turning her world upside down.
He's a serious threat, both to her business and to her heart. The more she learns about him the more she  realizes he's a man with mysteries in his own past. Throw in a wayward younger sister and a rescue kitten who needs a home and Cassandra has her work cut out for her. Will she ever find a safe harbour, and a love 
that will endure?

First Line:
HE WAS EVERY POSSIBLE kind of threat. Cassandra Waverley stood with folded arms and her hand cradling her chin, studying him out of the window of her small harbourside restaurant.

Safe Harbour covers some great themes. I liked the idea of the story starting with the heroine in a place she considers her safe zone. When the hero shows up on the page this aspect gives him a lot of room and opportunity to challenges and push the heroine to accept change and the ability to give and take; to show her ability to compromise with the hero. Excellent! Another more subtle theme I found interesting in Safe Harbour was the sense of family and friendship found only in a small close knit community. We are shown this through great supporting characters and also by Cassandra's close friend. There is a lot of emotional turmoil to deal with that adds more layers to this romantic tale of discovery and understanding between both the heroine, Cassandra, and the hero, Adam. While the plot was interesting and engaging, I found the heroine to be a bit over bearing at times which drew me out of the story on several occasions. The pacing in the first half was a little hard to manage and I found I had to set the book aside for a time in order to come continue with the story.

Cara Cooper shows definite potential as a great author. Her pacing needs a bit of tweaking and her heroine could have used a bit of a time out but on the flip side, her ability to balance emotional turmoil with lighthearted humor gives her stories depth and a warm feeling of closure by the time you reach the ending. 

Last Thoughts:
As the pacing of Safe Harbour picked up it quickly turned into a good contemporary romance read. I will definitely keep Cara Cooper in mind and check out her stories in the future.

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

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