Sunday, November 27, 2011

Manday Hotties Hop

Welcome! It's Manday so that means it's eye candy time! And sense it so close to December I couldn't resist sharing a sexy Santa with you today. I also have a sizzling firefighter that is just the right amount of sexy to help this Monday move along smoothly!

Sorry, images have been removed.


  1. Oh, I want #2. I think he needs someone to pet and love him. He has that 'love me' look about him!

  2. Ohh... I wouldn't mind #1 under my Christmas Tree!!!

  3. i like it, i like it, I LIKE IT *licks lips*

  4. LOL!
    @Madame D...he's all yours!
    @Felicity, he definitely does have that look about him. Good inspiration, huh!
    @Satin Sue, those are my exact words! ;-)


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