Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Book Bash UpDate

WHOOHOOO!!!! I am so happy to see everyone having a good time and entering to win some books! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to step in here! 

Over the course of Friday and today we have had a total of twelve authors stop in on BIR with giveaways and very touching words to share with us. I have gathered links to each giveaway and for easy reference provided them all below. Please feel free to go and enter any giveaways you might have missed. 

Please remember to come back tomorrow for the final day of the fun feast of spreading Christmas Cheer! We'll have size more authors stopping in sharing one thing they are grateful for and offering up more giveaways. We all like free stuff right!;-)

And one more note to top off this Christmas Bash, tomorrow I will be posting my own giveaway of my cookbook SweetPea Delights: Easy Meal Ideas For Moms On The Go along with a special download for everyone! 

Okay, here are the links to the available twelve giveaways! Or you could just keep scrolling and enter each one as you go. Press the READ MORE link to find the Rafflecopter gadget. Have fun!


Introduction To Bookin' It Reviews Christmas Book Bash

Christmas Book Bash with Gabrielle Bisset Giveaway ONE

Christmas Book Bash With Toni Anderson Giveaway TWO

Christmas Book Bash With Dee Carney/Morgan Sierra Giveaway THREE

Christmas Book Bash With JoAnne Kenrick Giveaway FOUR

Christmas Book Bash With Sandra Sookoo Giveaway FIVE

Christmas Book Bash With Laura Kaye Giveaway SIX


Christmas Book Bash With Natasha Blackthorne Giveaway EIGHT

Christmas Book Bash With Roz Lee Giveaway NINE

Christmas Book Bash With Cari Quinn Giveaway TEN

Christmas Book Bash With Seleste deLaney Giveaway ELEVEN

Christmas Book Bash With Avery Flynn Giveaway TWELVE

There is one more day to go and seven more giveaways to enter! 


  1. happy holidays, thanks for the contest.


    jbarrett5 at cox dot net

  2. Thank you for stopping by Julie! Happy Holidays to you as well!



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