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Book Review: Sex, Lies And Midnight by Tawny Weber

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Night Owl Reviews
Sex, Lies and Midnight
by Tawny Weber
Undercover Operatives Book Two
Release Date: January 2012
Publisher: Harlequin
Line: Blaze
Source: Author
Age Group: Adult
Category: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Pages: 224 pages in Print format
Available Formats:
Kindle | Nook | eHarlequin Paperback eHarlequin eBook

My Rating : 4.5 Stars ~ A Top Pick From Night Owl Reviews
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Back Of The Book:
Born into a con artist family, Maya Nicholas abandoned the grifting life to live on the straight and narrow (and somewhat dull) years ago. But when her family is threatened—and the swindlers are on the verge of becoming the swindled— Maya swings into action. All she needs is a stand-in boyfriend, and the charming, tasty-as-sin Simon Barton will do quite nicely, thanks.

But Simon has a little lie of his own. He's FBI, and Maya is his inside track to her less-savory relations. It's a mutual using, which quickly turns into a scorching mutual attraction.

In fact, their naughty little sexcapades are the only things they aren't faking!

First Line:
THERE WAS NOTHING like a short, glittery skirt, long legs encased in smoky stockings and spiked dome
heels to make a man sit up and take notice.

This was Simon's shot. If he could bust Tobias Black, his career would skip the fast track and hit rocket speed. All he had to do was make a solid contact with the old guy's daughter. She was his entrĂ©e. A couple more conversations with her and he'd be able to claim her a friend when he visited Black Oak.

As if proving she was ready to be his new best friend, Maya chose that moment to stroll in, her arm tucked into the elbow of her guy friend. Despite the party in progress, Simon could clearly see the tension in the set of her shoulders, and the way she kept her body from curving into pretty boy's.

Sex, Lies, and Midnight is the second installment to Tawny Weber's Undercover Operatives series. Though this book can be read out of order, for full enjoyment, I would recommend reading the first of the series, Sex, Lies and Mistletoe. 

Starting out in San Francisco, we meet the heroine, Maya DeLongue (aka Maya Black). She's is the exciting woman all other women fantasize about being while folding the laundry. She's smart, sassy and sexy with a dash of bad girl vibe that gives her an edge. Then there is the little thing about her being a computer hacker and the daughter of the con artist, Tobias Black. Then we meet the hero, Simon Barton, the undercover operative that only wants to move his career up the ladder by busting Maya's father for the illegal activity he's using his bike shop to cover. There's one problem though, Simon can't keep his mind off - or hands for the matter- of the suspect's daughter. With a little manipulation and the taking advantage of a situation, Simon maneuvers himself into Maya's life and into Black Oak for a little family reunion. And that is when the story takes off in a dip and soaring ride of emotions, sizzling sexy scenes and betrayal...and eventually a life changing moment for both characters. Ms. Weber has created a story that takes a daddy's girl away from the family she loves, given her talents most would find straddling the grey area of life, and has now given her a need to return to the home she's intentionally stayed away from for close to a decade. With a mystery to solve and her heart to protect, Maya is determined to find out who is behind the drug and gun running in order to clear her father's name in the process. That is until she discovers that Simon isn't who he says he is. 

Under all the betrayal, hurt and underhandedness that surrounds the Black family, there is one thing that stood out to me and that is the strength of a father's love for his children. And more than that, it's the strength of the family bond. While each may take separate ways and have their own views, when one is in trouble everyone swoops in to protect. Well, a little manipulation and convincing from Tobias Black is needed but that just makes it more interesting! 

I loved how the author brought the story to a close and though I knew a happily-ever-after was a given, I still enjoyed the ride along the way. Ms. Weber has written a fabulous second installment into her undercover Operatives and has left the door wide open for the next book and the continuing mystery of who's framing Tobias Black! And in closing, Ms. Weber has created an intricate connection between the characters that will leave you in awe of her creativity!

Tawny Weber continues to captivate my attention with her rich stories and intriguing characters. She adds wit and charm to each page making my reading experience unforgettable every time I pick up one of her books. With her tight prose and dedication to detail, Ms. Weber has made my must-read list!

Sexy and witty! Sex, Lies and Midnight made me laugh, cringe and sigh with satisfaction This series is delightfully addictive and I am ready for the next installment already!

Thank you for stopping in to check out my review for Sex, Lies and Midnight by Tawny Weber! I hope I've helped you find your next read.

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