Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For The Love of Love Celebration

For the Love of Love: 14th February to 22nd February
40 guests join Terri Giuliano Long to share their thoughts

Join Terri Giuliano Long and 40+ authors and bloggers as they share what love means to them.  This huge love extravaganza begins on Valentine’s Day and continues for 9 days.

Guests, including yours truly, will share their thoughts on love and family, friends and animals; on passionate and contented love; on love of food, music, language and writing.

Visit the “For the Love of Love” event to vote on your favorite posts and be in with a chance of winning a completely unique prize: one random voter will be chosen to have a character named after them in Terri’s next book!  Two runners up will also win signed copies of Terri Giuliano Long’s bestselling novel, In Leah’s Wake.
Join us at www.tglong.com/blog to follow this amazing event.  You can also follow the Facebook or Goodreads events for the latest updates.

Please Help Spread The Word & We Hope To See You There!


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