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I Am What I Am—But That’s Not All That I Am with Author Shanon Grey

Welcome fellow book lovers! Today we have author Shanon grey here today to talk about her latest release and a wonderful and thought post you'll really enjoy along with an excerpt to top off your visit. So, please join us for a spell!


I Am What I Am—But That’s Not All That I Am
by Shanon Grey

First things first—I want to thank you for inviting me to visit. I appreciate you letting me ramble.

I love the paranormal. I have always loved the paranormal. Not wanting to say too much about my age, I’ll say that I was around to watch “paranormal” evolve into a sub-genre. My original manuscript was rejected because it was too “out there.” I was told to resubmit it as “speculative fiction.” That novel, Capricorn’s Child, which I hope to resurrect someday, was the beginning of my love affair with giving normal people extraordinary abilities and watching how they handle them in the “real” world. Unfortunately, Capricorn’s Child, in all of its forms (except some moldy notes my son rescued), rests in the Gulf of Mexico, compliments of Hurricane Katrina—talk about a “super” natural force.

Having lived most of my life in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, I had ample access to things paranormal. As anyone from that area knows, it’s the home of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., where they have a huge paranormal research and library facility. It is strategically located next to the Atlantic because of the energy quadrants of the area. Visiting the facility is an education in itself and, even though I can honestly say I’ve experienced some so called “paranormal” events in my life, I’ve always failed miserably on their tests. I am neither precognitive nor post-cognitive. Some days I’m not sure I’m even plain ol’ cognitive! However, I’ve had the good fortune to be around people with paranormal abilities and, trust me, they are amazing.

Because I’ve known such incredible people, I’ve always loved the idea of people living normal lives with paranormal abilities. What if you close your eyes and, upon opening them, see auras? What if you could sense if a person was ill and then heal them? What if you could control energy? How would you react to this? Would you be frightened or excited? How would you respond to people around you? Would you let them know or hide it from them? These are some of the things I explore in my series, the Gatekeepers, which is about people living normal lives with paranormal abilities.

In the first novel, THE SHOPPE OF SPELLS, Morgan Briscoe, who has lived the most normal of lives, surrounded by family and friends that love her, finds out that her life has been a lie. She’s informed that she’s adopted and nothing’s what she thought, for her biological parents—who’ve died and left her a legacy—came from a quaint southern town where paranormal capabilities are genetically based and commonplace. Morgan not only must come to grips with who she is but with “what” she is, as well. Add into the mix a genetic attraction to the man who is her co-inheritor, a dimensional portal they can open, plus a man who is willing to kill to control it, and you have an intense paranormal suspense.

THE SHOPPE OF SPELLS is the first in the Gatekeepers Series. Book II, MEADOW’S KEEP, is due out this spring.

If you’re like me, the idea of being able to expand our minds and use our brains beyond what we deem “normal” is just a matter of time. Like the idea of other dimensions, which physicists are investigating even now, the possibility of developing paranormal abilities may be just beyond the horizon.

Back Of The Book
The Shoppe Of Spells
by Shanon Grey

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When is a whole more than the sum of its parts? 

When it has ties to the quaint little town of Ruthorford, GA, as Morgan Briscoe discovers when a cryptic message threatens to change her life forever. 

Morgan’s relatively normal life is turned on its ear when she learns not only that she is adopted, but her birth parents are dead and she now holds half-interest in a business with their ward, Dorian Drake. Dorian is running The Shoppe of Spells and despite his riveting good looks, he can barely conceal his hostility toward his new partner. 

Morgan discovers that she is more than she seems and together she and Dorian have the ability to control a portal to another dimension. 

Unable to control their growing attraction, Morgan and Dorian dance around their desires and her burgeoning abilities, until danger forces them to face their destiny.

Enjoy An Excerpt:


by Shanon Grey 
Morgan lay motionless, listening, struggling to define what woke her. A faint hum, almost imperceptible, thrummed through her body, battling the very rhythm of her being. There was something familiar about it. Was that hum from a smoke alarm going off in the distance?
The air crackled around her.
She released the breath she’d been holding and opened her eyes. Damp curls clung to her neck as she shifted up on her elbow and scanned the room. Streaks of light spiked beneath the closed bedroom door—the only light penetrating the room’s inky blackness.
Panic seeped into her sleep-fogged brain. Fire! She threw back the covers, felt a slight tingle as something brushed against her leg, and watched a faint violet outline disappear into the darkness. Thank God, her cat was in the room with her. Morgan swung her legs over the edge of the bed, felt the soft carpet under her toes and tried to remember all the rules about fire as she rushed closer to the spikes of light snaking toward her feet.
She reached out and patted at the door with her fingertips. The wood was cool to the touch. Her heart hammered as she watched the sparking light sizzle across her feet. Not hot, exactly…more…electric. Her mouth went dry. She forced her hand around the doorknob and, not getting a shock, turned it and pulled the door toward her.
Blinding white light, like that from a welder’s torch, filled the doorway, forcing her to shield her eyes.
“It’s okay,” a deep voice cajoled, “I’ve got you. Close your eyes and let me guide you.”
Squinting, she looked down and saw a strong hand reach through the light toward her. She eased her hand forward to meet his. As their fingers touched, a sudden flash of violet, followed by a bolt of energy exploded between them, thrusting her backward—into nothingness.
Her arms flailed, her hands grasped, seizing empty space.
Morgan screamed—a soundless howl, as her breath was sucked into the void.
She tumbled backward, plummeting into a black abyss.
With a jolt, she sat up in bed, drenched in sweat.

Enjoy The book Trailer for The Shoppe of Spells:




  1. I love your site! Thanks for letting me visit. Wow! My cover really looks great here. And thanks for adding the trailer - my son-in-law designed it. WTG Dirk! Thanks again.

  2. LOL...thank you for your wonderful post, Ms. Grey! Your cover sure does look fabulous and congratulations on its release! You SIL did a fab job with the trailer! :-)

  3. True! Love the purple against the black! 


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