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A Contemporary Thursday with Lorie O'Clare and Her Bounty Hunter Series

How many Lorie O' Clare fans are out there? I know I've been a fan ever since I read the first book in her Bounty Hunters series. In my opinion this is one series that sizzles and has enough adrenaline pumping action to keep you up way past your bed time. And today's pick features characters that are wild and fun to spend time with and cause enough fiery moments you might need to read with a chilled drink beside you. It's that steamy and fast paced.

As you can probably guess I've picked my favorite book from the series titled Get Lucky. Here's the book blurb and cover followed by the snippet. Have fun and Happy reading!

Get Lucky
Lorie O' Clare
Bounty Hunter Series, Book #2

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Back of the Book

Checking into a Colorado ski lodge for some serious downtime, bounty hunter Marc King wants nothing more than to cool off and chill out. But then he meets London Brooke. She’s one of the hottest women Marc’s ever met, and the sparks between them could melt the Rockies. But this beautiful, intelligent, and beguiling stranger is hiding a secret from Marc that could get them both killed…
London knows she can trust a man like Marc. But how can she tell him about the mysterious package she receives—and the photos that threaten to expose her past? With time running out, London has no choice but to draw Marc into a dangerous world of blackmail and revenge. As a professional, Marc can’t refuse her. As a man, he can’t resist her. But the deeper he falls, the deadlier the game. And if he doesn’t play his cards right, he could lose London forever…

Snippet Reading:

   Marc’s hands and face burned like a motherfucker when he and London pulled into the parking lot behind the lodge. His fingers were numb, which sucked, since he was sure London’s thick black hair was as smooth as silk, but at the moment he couldn’t feel a thing, other than shooting pain as his body thawed. 
   He knew a bit more about frostbite than he’d let on to London, but admitting his knowledge of cold weather would make him look even more the idiot for being out in it so ill prepared. There wasn’t any way he could let his phone fall into the wrong hands, though. Which was another thing he couldn’t let London know. 
   When he’d left home, he hadn’t known for sure how long he’d be gone, or where he was headed. He hadn’t lied to London. He didn’t have a wardrobe full of winter clothes. But he owned a winter coat and long underwear and gloves. A good bounty hunter was always prepared to hunt wherever necessary. His father would have chewed his ass a lot worse than London had if he’d been out in a winter storm without proper clothing. Focusing on weather, and not whoever he was hunting, inevitably ended up with Marc losing the hunt. Marc’s dad always caught his man, or woman. So far, Marc had the same reputation. No way would the old man be able to say he was one up on Marc. 
   Marc knew he was competitive. The best bounty hunter in the world was his father, so Marc would be as good as, if not better than, Greg King. His father had been shot the year before after making a hasty decision to head into the heat of the fire without discussing it with Marc first. It was actions like this that made Marc think he needed to stay on with KFA and not branch out on his own. His father needed him. 
   The only way he would remain on top of his act, though, was to clear the L.A. smog out of his head. He wouldn’t be gone too long. If a difficult case came up, Marc would head home. When he’d left home, he never would have guessed he’d end up at a ski lodge during the middle of a blizzard. But he was here, and would be close-knit with everyone in the lodge if he couldn’t get out due to the weather. It was imperative he keep a low profile and not let someone like London wonder why someone from L.A. would have winter clothes and know how to stay warm in a snowstorm. He didn’t want her wondering anything about him, except maybe how he was in bed. 
   “Did you want me to see about getting you food from the kitchen?” 
   He didn’t want London dropping him off and leaving. She would be the perfect distraction while he was here. It wasn’t just that he wanted to see her naked underneath him. Marc liked her personality. She was sharp, thought on her feet, and had a quick wit. Besides that, the way she hesitated when he confronted her about wanting him told him more than her lame excuse about violating policy. 
   “I’d really appreciate it.” He climbed out of her Jeep on his side and met her when she closed her door. “And thank you for the ride.” 
   “You’re welcome.” There was a glow in those onyx eyes that did something to his insides he couldn’t quite label. “You should probably go get out of those wet clothes.” 
   Marc pulled the employees’ door open for her and allowed her to enter first. “Room two-ten,” he reminded her. 
   London turned around, pushing all that long, thick black hair of hers over her shoulder. “I remember what room you’re in, but I wasn’t planning on coming up.” 
   “I thought you said Room Service would be closed by now. Are you going to bribe someone into bringing my food to me? I’d much rather you ordered for two and brought it up yourself.” When he saw her hesitate, he moved closer, slipped his arm around her narrow shoulders, and walked alongside her down the quiet hallway. “Actually, you’re right. I’m being selfish.” 
   “I’m glad you understand,” she began. 
   “I’ll go change my clothes and then meet you down here. Should I just find you in the dining room?” 
   There was a T in the hallway and they turned toward the elevator. One look over his shoulder confirmed the dining room was closed. He wondered if there was anyone still in the kitchen.

   “Go put something warm on,” she encouraged. “I’ll meet you in the lobby.” 
   A few minutes later, Marc let himself into his dark, quiet room. 
   His fingers tingled as if they were asleep, and he definitely would need waterproof boots very soon. His feet were burning, and so were his cheeks. All the pain and suffering he had endured was worth it, though, to spend time getting to know London. She hadn’t pulled away when he’d put his arm around her. London wanted him, too. Now he simply needed to plot a way to get her into his bed. 
   Marc cursed under his breath when he confirmed his phone no longer worked. He stared at the hotel room phone when it began ringing. 
   “Hello?” he said, his mind racing when he couldn’t think of anyone who knew he was here. Although it could just be the front desk. 
   “Hi, Marc,” London’s sultry voice breathed into his ear. “It looks like the best I can offer at this hour are cold sandwiches. Do you prefer ham or roast beef?” 
   “Yes to both,” he said, untangling the cord and backing up until he sat on the edge of his bed. 
   Her melodic laughter caused his insides to tighten. London had a voice hot enough for phone sex. 
   “All right,” she agreed. “Cheddar, Swiss?” 
   “Pile it on there, darling. I’m a starving man. Make yourself a sandwich, too, and charge it to my room.”    
   “Whatever you wish.” She sounded incredibly cheerful. 
   “I’ll remember you said that.” He grinned at the silence that followed.

Your Turn! Let's dish on contemporary romance and Lorie O'Clare's Bounty Hunter series. What do you think of the heroes in each book? The heroines? Which do you resonate with more? You'd think as a woman I pull towards connecting more with the heroines, which is true in most books. However in some, I have a closer connection with the hero of the story and their character. This is the case in this book. Generally goodhearted and wanting to help and always wanting to make sure justice is served. 
Thank you for stopping in with me today! Hope you liked today's post!

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  1. Thanks for enjoying my bounty hunters. I just noticed this post and was thrilled you chose my book to highlight. I hope you like Slow Heat when it comes out in December and Hot Pursuit, the final bounty hunter book to be released in 2013. Have a great day! Lorie


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