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A Paranormal Sunday

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Patrice Michelle's Kendrian Vampire series. I shared a snippet from book one titled, A Taste For Passion. This week I wanted to share a bit from book two in the series which I think you're going to love! :)

Grab a cup of something sweet or steamy and sit a while with me for A Paranormal Sunday for some relaxing reading. Hopefully I've helped you discover a new author or book to add to your collection.

Happy reading!

This hunter’s damn good,” Ian Mordoor mumbled to himself as he squatted next to the body and touched the arrow imbedded in the man’s chest. The bolt was top-of-the-line, meant to kill. He squinted against the setting autumn sun. If the man had been a vampire instead of a Transer, he’d be looking at scarred ash instead.
   Transers. The fact they even existed made Ian’s blood boil. Leave them human or make them Vampri if special circumstances warranted it, but don’t suspend them in that needy in-between state; no longer human, but not quite vampire. Slightly stronger and faster than humans, Transers craved blood. But unlike vampires, Transers didn’t have the ability to compel or fangs to easily take the blood they wanted. They were volatile, driven purely by instinct, and their very existence put the Kendrian vampires at risk of exposure. Only rogue vamps created Transers, knowing that a Transer would follow their every command at the promise of being turned Vampri.
   Glancing up, Ian surveyed the deserted train station fifteen yards away. The yellow paint on the building peeled with age and neglect. He surmised the smaller building off to the right, with windows and door boarded up, was the control station. Using his heightened senses, he sniffed the air. In the abandoned atmosphere, he detected no unusual scents stirring in the slight breeze other than the stench of the man at his feet.
   Despite the dead body before him, the place was eerily quiet. Somewhere the vampire hunter lay in wait. He heard the faster-paced beat of a human heart, the blood coursing through the man’s veins. Shifting his gaze back to the body on the ground, he squatted to inspect him. The skin felt cold to the touch. Rigor mortise had already set in. Based on the body’s condition, he had to have been dead at least fourteen hours.
   Ian couldn’t help but smile. He gave the vampire hunter one thing—the man had tenacity and stamina by the cartloads. The hunter had to have chased Drace here, because Ian knew Drace. The vamp was used to life’s luxuries. Drace never would’ve come to an abandoned train station of his own free will. His gaze settled on Drace’s BMW. All four tires had been slashed. The hunter must have corralled Drace here on the brink of dawn. Like a rabbit in a snare.
   His smile turned to a grin as his admiration for the hunter grew. The abandoned train station held no food source for the rogue vamp, and the longer he went without a food source, his vampire powers diminished to a glimmer of his full power. He couldn’t shape shift into a raven or turn into mist to get away. For now, he was bound to earth, just like his human hunter. Here, he was forced to remain hidden until the sun disappeared from the sky. Right now the hunter had the advantage.
   Ian had been on Drace’s trail for a month now. From Chicago to Florida he’d chased the ousted vamp. Before he officially took over his newly appointed position as leader of the Ruean clan, Ian vowed to Drace for his role in the brutal killing of a vampire hunter named John Markson. It shouldn’t have taken him this long to track the bastard down, but several Rueans had helped Drace escape him on more than one occasion. Considering his last conversation with Duncan before he left, Ian was sure his brother was having a good laugh that Drace had eluded him this long.
   Many of the Rueans weren’t happy Ian had been appointed their new leader once their original leader, Kraid, had been killed—Drace, most of all, since Kraid was his brother. Never had a hunt for a rogue vampire been more important to him, especially now that eliminating Drace would go a long way in establishing his leadership over the Ruean clan. There were still those in his clan who believed in the old ways—that only a Pureblood vampire should lead a clan.
   Between Drace and the vampire hunter, all Ian had to do was follow their trail. They each left a path of bodies behind—humans Drace killed after gorging himself on their blood and Transers, killed by the vampire hunter. Ian considered himself one of the best trackers, but for some reason this vampire hunter always seemed to have the jump on him when it came to Drace.
   Standing up, he fisted his hand. He respected the vampire hunter for his tireless efforts, but Drace was his to hunt down. The thought spurred him into action. Ian might have the advantage of being able to walk in the sunlight, but he fully recognized the limitations of his Hybrid—half human-half vampire—powers compared to a Pureblood vamp. Instead, he depended more on his hunting skills to catch his vamp prey. The signs were always there, if one knew where to look.

A Taste For Revenge
Patrice Michelle
Kendrian Vampires Series, Book 2

Available at:
Amazon | B&N

Revenge is a dish best served cold. No one knows this better than Jacqueline (Jax) Markson. Ever since she can remember, her father has spoken of revenge-revenge against all vampires. When his wife died after giving birth to Jax, John Markson blamed the vampire who’d bitten his pregnant wife for his loss and he dedicated his life to ridding the world of all vampires. After Jax’s vampire-hunter father is viciously killed, she takes up the reins where he left off. Her first order of business: take out the vampire who killed her father.

Ian (The Enforcer) Mordoor has a job...

Find out more about the author at her site HERE.

Your Turn! Did you enjoy today's snippet? Have any suggestions you'd like me to choose from for next week's Paranormal Sunday? Share!


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