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Free Book Alert: A Contemporary Thursday with author Jennifer Saints

I'm still trying to perfect the blogger timer but it seems I'm still not grasping the concept of programming a six a.m. post by tying in six a.m. What a pain!!!

Okay, sorry for that little rant. How is everyone doing today? I woke up this morning with books on the mind. Wondering what new releases were set to come out over the summer and which of those would be from my favorite authors. I found a few that I'm very anxious to get my hands on. many are from author Donna Grant, another from Maya Banks and Tamra Hogan. Looking back at all my selections I found a pattern that I hadn't seen before. Ninety percent of my picks are paranormal romance releases! 

I also went through my stash to see what I's want to re-read over the summer. I'm the kind of bookaholic that loves to relive the adventures of really good books. That's when I stumbled upon Smooth Irish by Jennifer Saints awa USA Today's Bestselling author Jennifer St. Giles. I wrote a review on this book about a year ago and loved the Weldon brothers. the author did a wonderful job of bringing in the southern aspect of the story's setting without it sounding like the characters needed grammar lessons. Something I've found many authors have a problem with. Anyway, as I prepared this post for everyone I discovered that the author is running a summer special by offering this book up for free on Amazon for Kindle. And even if you don't own a  kindle you can still get this book for your computer, smartphone or whatever you prefer. Just download the app that applies for your electronic device.

Here's all the book details and an extended excerpt from the book to get you in the mood for some rough southern bad boys!

Happy reading!

Smooth Irish
Jennifer Saints
Weldon Brothers Book 2

Back of the Book

Too damaged to be any good for anyone,Jackson walks alone and lives life day to day, except for his nights.  There he wants Nan scorching his bedsheets with no strings sex.
Nan is a woman with a plan for success who leaves nothing to chance.  She wants nothing to do with a going nowhere man, but Jackson ignites her senses with a fire only he can quench.
Their passion brings them both to their knees.  He must decide to die alone or take a second chance on life and love.  And Nan must decide if she can love a man who comes with no guarantees.


   Nan tried to stop the quakes of desire from spreading by clenching her stomach muscles.  It didn’t help.  Jackson let his shoulders rest on the door behind him and drew her between his jeans-clad, booted legs.  She didn’t have to look to know how his jeans fit or how his leather boots gleamed.  Not a thing about his dark Irish looks and southern bad boy manners had changed. 

   “Yes, a long while,” she whispered past the lump in her throat.  A droplet of water ran down her cheek, dripped onto her breastbone, and slithered between her breasts.  Jackson’s gaze followed its path, heated, then lingered.  Nan looked down.  Her halter-top gown lay plastered to her body like skin, the wet silk clearly defining the rise of her breasts and nipples.  Something about her dress, besides the wet, was off, but the hot missiles firing at her erogenous zones scrambled her brain cells and she couldn't figure it out. 
   She slammed her eyes shut.  Surely, this had to be another one of her fantasies.  Any minute she would wake up and find herself alone, writing in her secret black book. 
   “Way too long,” he growled, sliding his hands from her hips to cup the fullness of her bottom.  Nan opened her eyes to the pure sexual intensity in his.  Nope, not a fantasy.  He was as potent, and as real as it got.  He wanted her and she wanted him.  Not a problem. 
   The problem was what came after the bedroom.   She wasn’t about to get involved with a man going nowhere.  He lived his life by whim; she lived hers by a plan.  She had goals; she was going somewhere in life and he wasn’t budging from the comfortable hole he’d dug. 
   Any second he would kiss her.  Desire sizzled up her spine and overrode rational thought.  One more kiss wouldn’t hurt, would it? 
   “Or not long enough?” he said, setting her back on her feet.  “I forgot you’re baiting your hook for a bigger fish.  Brad Swanson.  Alexi mentioned you’re seeing him.”  Tension tightened his lips, coolness edged into his eyes, and his husky voice had turned harsh. 
   Jackson made it sound as if she and Brad had a thing going and Nan wondered what Alexi had told him.  Even if she did have a thing going with Brad, Jackson’s tone was out of line.  Her back stiffened as she went to set him straight. “Just because I have goals and direction doesn’t mean I’m a…a hook baiter, and it doesn’t give you the right to use that tone of voice, either.  We aren’t an item.” 
   Now that Nan had a moment to think about it, Alexi had a hell of a lot of explaining to do.  Nan didn’t think it coincidence that Alexi had asked to go shopping the same day the orchestral band cancelled.  Alexi had probably planned the Sinfully Silky shopping knowing that Jackson’s band was going to be the substitute.  And the dress Alexi had talked her into...  
   Jackson snatched his coat off the ground and shoved it her way.  “Those black lace panties looked like bait to me, and unless you’re wanting to turn my whole band on, you better keep that a while yet, because your nipples are begging to be nibbled.”  He stared at her breasts again. 
   Nan finally realized the loose silk cape to her dress was missing.  She must have lost it in the storm.  Instead of subtle, elegant sensuality, her wet dressed screamed I’m hot baby.  Oh no!  Could things get any worse?  
   “There’s a dressing room you can use to fix yourself up, but if I were you, I’d go home and get warm.  Seeing Brad can’t be worth catching a cold.” 
   “Direct me to the ladies’ room, please.” 
   “Fine.”  His voice vibrated with anything but fine tones. 
   Fine, she told herself.  If Jackson wanted to think she was a bait hooker, or a hook baiter, however it was said, then it was fine with her.  Just fine.   She wasn’t going to set him straight that this was her first date with Brad. And she wasn’t going to give Jackson the satisfaction of seeing her leave the party.  She’d go repair what damage she could in the bathroom and then keep her date with Brad. 
   After the party, she’d kill Alexi. 
   Jackson turned on his heel and left.  Nan had to hurry to keep up with his six-four stride.  So what if he was a walking wish list—dark hair, sexy eyes, and lean, have-to-touch muscles?  So what if he wanted to share all of that with her?  So what if he looked even more sexy than usual in jeans and a white dress shirt instead of his usual t-shirt grunge.  So what if he made her insides melt.  She wanted more in a man.  She wanted a man going somewhere. 
   Jackson stopped in the narrow hallway and turned her way. She hated the thrill pumping through her blood.  His glare mirrored her mixed emotions.  Even though he was angry, he still wanted her. 
   “Listen, Jackson—” 
   “The ladies room is behind you.  I’d better find Alexi and tell her you’re safe and sound.”  He whipped around and walked away without looking back.

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