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A Suspenseful Saturday Featuring Author Alexis Grant

I've got some Sizzle and Burn for today's Suspenseful Saturday! Alexis Grant is new to me author and one I feel forced to try out. The reviews in Amazon for her first book of her Delta Force release title Sizzle and Burn are very low with even lower quality comments so I have to see for myself. If you've read this book and have thoughts to share I'd love to hear them in the comments section below this post. 

So I just picked up Sizzle and Burn and I'll share an extended snippet below for you all to ger a taste of this author's writing style for yourselves. I know as a reviewer myself I should take all the low review ratings as a sign but I've also learned that I need to form my own opinion. I understand how some books are not to ones liking while others rave about it. 

Let's find out a bit before we decide...

Happy reading!

Sizzle and Burn
Alexis Grant
Men of Delta Force, Book 1

Back of the Book:

Alexis Grant brings you the first in an explosive new series featuring the dedicated, deadly, and dangerously sexy Men of Delta Force.  
Mia Santiago has fought long and hard to become an expert in weapons technology. But her successful career didn’t come without sacrifices, namely Ryan Mason, the only man she’s ever loved. When she and Ryan chose their careers over a relationship together, she thought their goodbye was for forever.  So running into him at a conference is both a dream come true and a disturbing distraction—how can she focus on presenting her research when the man who’s haunted her dreams for years is suddenly close enough to touch?     
Losing Mia is Ryan’s one regret in a lifetime of dangerous risks, even if he knows the work he’s done around the world as a member of the military’s elite fighting unit, Delta Force, has saved countless lives. Now he has to keep Mia from the terrorists bent on using her research for catastrophic violence—and bent of kidnapping her and inflicting unspeakable harm upon the one woman he’s never been able to let go. But outrunning danger isn’t easy when the fire between them can’t be put out. And this time, their future together is a matter of life and death…

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The crush of the crowded elevator ensured that Mia’s body stayed within dangerous proximity of his. He could detect a light, fresh fragrance wafting off her hair. Military discipline was probably the only thing that kept him from lowering his nose to it and inhaling deeply with his eyes closed. Instead he stood at attention, kept his eyes on the ascending numbers, and firmly jammed his hands in his pockets.
He didn’t need to allow his palm to settle into that familiar, gentle sway in her back again. Didn’t need the tactile stimulation of the fabric that covered what he knew to be the unparalleled softness of her skin.
“You sure you want to do this?” she asked with a shy smile as the doors opened.
The question snapped his focus back to the crowded elevator car as a few men lowered their gazes with a smile.
“No problem,” he replied, trying to force all-business into his tone while ignoring the obviously incorrect assumptions being made by the other passengers. He could’ve sworn he’d heard someone mutter, “Lucky bastard,” as the doors closed, and was just glad that Mia hadn’t.
Finally out of the claustrophobic enclosure, he followed Mia to her room. Nervous energy made the muscles in his stomach contract as though waiting on a gut punch that never came.
“I promise to make it a quick change,” she said, stopping in front of her door and producing a card key. “I really appreciate all of this and you really didn’t have to do it. I was just being—”
“No apologies. Go put on your jeans and I’ll be down the hall,” he said, not allowing her to deride herself.
“Right,” she murmured. “I remember. No apologies.” Then she slipped into her room and shut the door between them.
He stood there for a few moments, slowly realizing how the Freudian comment had so easily rolled off his tongue. No apologies had been their motto … no apologies for wanting each other as passionately as they had; no apologies for making each other first in their lives when friends and family couldn’t find them for two weeks. No apologies for choosing the call of their careers when it was over.
Ryan made a crisp, military about-face turn on his heel and headed back down the hall. What the hell was he doing?
When he reached the elevator bay, sitting on the small padded bench was nearly impossible, but he forced himself not to pace. Each time a room door opened and slammed he steeled himself and refused to look around the corner like an eager teenager, yet was always disappointed that it was only the hotel’s housekeeping staff simply going about their daily routine.
To his surprise, Mia emerged from her room after only ten minutes—ten interminable minutes when he’d had to remember to breathe. But when she appeared around the alcove corner to join him at the elevators, for a moment his voice caught in his throat.
The transformation was heart-stopping. In ten minutes she’d let down her silky profusion of auburn hair, making his fingers ache to allow it to flow between them. She’d ditched her glasses and her mouth now glistened a kissable peach. Small gold hoops made him want to toy with her earlobes as he took her mouth. Gone was the suit; she now had on a pretty peach tank top that showed off the real curves her business attire hid. In that moment he decided, she always needed to wear jeans around him—good God Almighty. How could a woman become a totally different person in just ten little minutes? Had he known such an awesome feat was possible, he would have gladly waited an hour.
“Sorry it took me so long,” she said, coming up to him with a big smile.
He wanted to say Wow, but opted for a casual comeback. “Ten minutes, not bad. You’re giving women a good name. I’m impressed.”
She laughed and gave his arm a playful shove. All he could do was laugh to keep from crying as he pressed the elevator button. She was wearing Angel, his favorite scent on her. That was the sucker punch he’d been waiting for, and it practically knocked the wind out of him with the sudden rush of memory.
Then it dawned on him—she definitely didn’t need to know where his room was. Stupid, stupid, stupid! No telling what was actually going to go down in the hotel.
Remaining in character, he frowned and then said, “Hold up. What am I doing?”
She looked at him with a question in her eyes.
“Man … you don’t keep a fine woman standing outside your room waiting in the danged hall. Okay, on this I owe you an apology. My bad.”
Now she laughed hard. He’d slipped into old neighborhood slang to put her at ease and to strengthen their memory bond. What might seem like a lame excuse to her actually had true merit; it was just impossible to explain that right now.
“Ryan … this is the twenty-first century,” she argued, shaking her head. “I can wait the all of five minutes it would probably take you to change.”
“No. Not having it. For real. I should have had a better plan than you cooling your heels in a dag-gone hallway. Can you tell I’m a little rusty and was making it up as I went along when I saw you getting tight around that dude by the door?” Ryan theatrically shook his head. “Come with me,” he went on, giving her his arm and leading her away from the elevators toward her room. He stopped in front of her door. “True chivalry demands that you hang out for five minutes in your room while I go change. Then I’ll come back here for you.”
“No buts,” he said, lifting and turning his head in mock offense. Although her laughter was infectious, he tried to keep a straight face as mirth made her eyes sparkle with mischief. He waited until she finally complied with his request and dug in her jeans pocket for her room key. But he continued his self-directed rant to keep her laughing.
“What are you nuts, Mason?” he muttered loud enough for her to hear, causing her to laugh even harder as she opened the door. “I am really, really out of touch … dang. Just pitiful.”
Her mirth followed him down the hall as he rounded the corner and called the elevator again. Oh, yeah, he’d dodged a bullet—good thing Mia was a good sport. This was insane. Correction: I’m insane.
Pacing now, he needed something to do to spend the excess energy. The stairs were an option, but the last thing he needed was to go through a fire exit that locked on reentry or to run into one of his men or something.
But elevators at a hotel that was hosting a large conference were always a bottleneck to movement. So he had to wait. It annoyed him that it would probably take longer to get down to his room and back than it would to change. Regardless, the hotel wasn’t big enough for him and Mia to be sharing while he was working. In fact, all of freakin’ New York City wasn’t big enough.
Thankfully, before his nerves frayed and snapped the elevator came—and he almost said a Hail Mary that Ken and Ethan were nowhere in the vicinity to witness his temporary insanity.
Ryan jogged down the corridor the moment the elevator doors opened and entered his room as though someone was chasing him. In a flash he ripped off his suit and threw on a pair of jeans and collared golf shirt, then spent all of ten seconds deciding between penny loafers and running shoes. Running shoes won out. The entire process took under three minutes, which was a good thing considering that, had he spent time truly thinking about it, he might have done the logical thing and bailed. But his mind wasn’t in a logical mood and he’d developed enough convoluted justifications for continuing with what he called a fact-finding mission that he was on autopilot by now.


Thanks for stopping in for a little reading time. What did you think of our Suspenseful Saturday? Have you red this book or other works from this author? Let us know in the comment section and let's talk military romantic suspense!


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