Monday, July 9, 2012

So What Would You Do To Get Your Novel Fix?

With summer in full swing that means there are plenty of books being bought, borrowed or downloaded! But as we book lovers know, there's certain areas we love to read in more than others and with summer's heat in full swing an A/C or a strong cool breeze is preferable.

Yesterday I went down to the boardwalk along the beach in downtown Puerto Vallarta and saw this lady kicking back with her paperback in the only shady area there was for blocks just reading away. I almost interrupted her to point out that a loaded coconut tree wasn't the best spot but she had this don't even try to bother me vibe about her. I figured she either already knew or was so engrossed in her novel she did't care what she had to do in order to get her reading fix satisfied. Hopefully it wasn't that last thing she did yesterday...ouch!

Seeing her brought to mind a couple questions though. First, just how far would we go in order to grab a minute to read just one more chapter, page...paragraph and second where do readers like to read most?

I'll go first! :)

I've gone as far as breaking out my Kindle during a wedding, sitting in the Walmart parking lot an hour longer than what shopping took me (I've also done this for my writing) and as shameful as this sounds I must admit I've also played sick and left the kiddos to the hubster for two whole days just to finish a series I couldn't put down.

As for question number's a couple of samples of my dream reading nook:

This nook would be more for the family and when I'm waiting for dinner to cook. Could double as a writing nook for when sitting at the computer becomes tiresome.

 I can see this on the opposite side of my office in the attic of my dream home. I think I'd take the window and make it wider and put a nice window seat there as well.

And if I were to ever do this in my house I'd never get anything done! 
I still want one though!

Your turn! Dish on just how far you've gone to get your novel fix and if you have a sample of your reading nook that you'd like to share that would be fabulous! Or if you just want to share your favorite place to read that is just as good!

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  1. hmmm I have read while waiting in line at the grocery store, also I read almost every night at the dinner table. I know I know sounds horrible, but the hubby likes to have the TV on so instead of me watching TV I read. hmmmm as far as a good place to read, I really don't have one, just some where that is comfy. If I lay down and read that is perfect.


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