Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NOR SPINET Review: Wicked Angel by Evie Balos

Wicked Angel
Evie Balos

Review Rating:
4.5 Stars

Release Date: Sept. 7th, 2012
Publisher: Cobblestone Press Blue
Age Group: Adult
Category: Erotic Romance
Pages: Novella : 19 pages

Back of the Book:
Lana is a gifted healer. Her job is to treat angels who have been hurt by rogue Ahkran. Although awed by the winged race, only one angel unsettles her in ways too deliciously wicked for her own good. Julien. Muscle-ripped and fearsome, the chief enforcer is hardly angelic...could be her undoing if she succumbs to the unexpected interest he's taken in her. Called to treat his injury one night, Lana is determined to control her desire for him, do her job and leave. His proposition, however, stops her in her tracks.
Julien normally doesn't bed humans, yet the lovely healer tempts him beyond control. Surely, three nights with her in his bed are enough to quench his desire...

Review written for NOR by Bookshifter
Wow, Oh Wow!! Wicked Angel is crafted from the phenomenal imagination of Evie Balos. It made my legs weak and perhaps will impact you in the same manner.
Evie Balos pens an erotically exciting short story that is more than a little naughty for only 20 pages.
Ms. Balos characters are heavenly, no pun intended. The settings were realistic. Characters mingling and socialize in a club-like environment and a sumptuous suite. Undeniable electrical acts of passion shake more than sheets in the breeze of a spring morning. It was rocking electrical energy.
Wicked Angel packs a hell of a punch setting the wheels of self-indulgence into motion between the main characters Angel Julien and a human healer Lana Kinley. Ms. Balos’ content made certain that all sensory neurons were stimulated with waves of excitement throughout the story. The resolution in my opinion was perfect for readers with explicit minds. She set my neurons on fire as I devoured the pages of Wicked Angel and I will look for more of Ms. Balos’ works. My only hope is that Ms. Balos’ other narratives will be much longer to titillate and unhinge the indulgences repeatedly; heightening the reader’s raw illusions.
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