Friday, November 23, 2012

My Free December Desktop Calendars Are Here!

I come bearing gifts for my readers and all who would like a romance theme desktop to decorate their computer this holiday season. I have something a little sweet for those that like the sweeter side of romance and something a little naughty for those that like the spicy side!

Pick up yours by clicking the sample below. The link will take you to my sister designed site where you can pick up one or both designs. Like last month's design, I've provided each design in four different resolution sizes most commonly used. 

Don't forget to share and send over your friends to get their own copy. And if you happen to share the link on twitter, facebook, and/or pinterest you won't find me complaining. ;-) Word-of-mouth is a great way to meet new people, right?

Have fun and have a sweet  n'  sexy holiday season and don't forget to come back for January's desktop right after Christmas!

Enjoy! and don't forget to swing by the Romancing the Holidays goodies page and grab up some freebies there then swing by the reading group to join in the holiday reading challenge! 


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