Friday, November 16, 2012

Romancing The Holidays: A BIR Holiday Romance Reading Challenge!

Announcing Bookin' It Reviews First Annual 
Romancing The Holidays: 
A Holiday Romance Reading Challenge!

It's time to stock the bookshelves or load your devices with as many holiday themed romances as you can! Starting today, November 16th - December 28th, we're kicking off Romancing the Holidays with one goal in mind: saving our sanity during this time of year! Opps,...I meant reading all the Holiday themed romance we have sitting around that we've never gotten to or new loot we recently picked up. ;)

Each Friday I'll post a weekly check-in (keep your eye out for the above image on the post) so we can dish on the stories we've read so far all the way up until December 28th. Sound good? No need to make it here at a certain hour. The comment chat will be open all day each Friday and through the weekend, allowing everyone a chance to join in on the discussion. It's a casual event so no fancy dress code required. Though I do recommend a warm mug of apple cider or, my favorite, hot cocoa with little while marshmallows to keep us warm this chilly season.

Ready to get your read on? Click the below Snowflake for some recommendations that I thought you might like from shiny new releases to ones released from last year or so. Once you pick the book you're starting with tell us in the comment section so we can all dish on our plans for the reading challenge. :) And don't forget to come back each Friday through December 28th to talk romance!

WAIT! That's not all! To help celebrate Romancing The Holidays I've whipped up a few goodies for everyone! Check out all the freebies such as a Romancing the Holiday desktop calendar, printable double sided bookmark, a Facebook timeline design, a door hanger, and a little something to share on your blog or email a friend. The more that join in the merrier!


Find out what I'm reading and my 
thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Let's kick this party off with a bang! ;) I love the holidays and all the crazy it brings. The family time and even the cooking time, but we all need a little BOOK time to help settle the nerves.

    It's officially a week until Thanksgiving and it seems the excitement is already building for the family. it's no wonder that I am a little early in preparing my must-read list that will help keep me the nice easy going mom and not momzilla after to many late night baking extravaganzas.

    First off I am reading Nice and Naughty by Tawny Weber. I love her heroes and heroines. They seem to just pull me into their story every time I pick up on of Ms. Weber's books so I'm very excited to read this one. And the cover is definitely great eye candy. :) Then I'm heading into Holiday Kisses which is an anthology from Carina Press of four Christmas stories. Can't beet the price from Amazon either. Each story caught my attention as solo reads so the anthology seemed like the better buy.

    I'll stop in later to see what everyone else is reading! Talk to you guys soon!


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