Friday, December 21, 2012

Bookin' It Designs Christmas & New Years Special Offers Announcement

New to Bookin' It Designs! Author Swag Packs with great deals to save you money on the things you need to help promote YOU & YOUR book. Look below to take advantage of our special deals. You'll find a little bit of everything that goes with swag designs such as bookmarks, cover flats, trading cards and even our latest addition to our portfolio, desktop wallpapers. Our goal is to help you promote with top not quality work while saving you money in the process. So go ahead, take a look and let's get started on your promotion!

Packages and offers are good through midnight January 1st 2013

Here are the packages, click the one you are interested in and you'll be taken to my sister site for purchasing. I look forward to helping you spread the word about your books!

Side Note: Bookin' It Reviews has hit 4,500 friends and followers across the social media sites and we've grown to 40,000 monthly visitors since opening two years ago. Thank YOU all for helping this site grow to such success! 


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