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Guest Author & Giveaway Featuring Controlled Burn By Em Petrova

Happy Thursday, readers! Please help me welcome my dear friend and fabulous author Em Petrova to the blog today. She's here with a wonderful guest post that touches the heart this holiday season. And in the spirit of giving, I'm offering up a giveaway of her latest steamy release, Controlled Burn, in Kindle edition to one lucky reader that leaves a comment for Em answering her question at the bottom of this post. Happy reading and good luck!

The Music of Christmas

Homemade cookies that turn into pavers for the driveway. Family gatherings where awful games of Pictionary are played. Battling the lines at Walmart just to purchase a damn fruit basket for someone who doesn’t care to receive it. 

For most of us, the events leading up to Christmas really mean spirit, rather than the actual day when Santa bounces down the chimney and drops off a load of gifts. And while these events I named might be some of the frustrating ones that accompany the holidays, there are several which truly get me in the Christmas spirit.

I come from a family of musicians and vocalists. Almost every single person in my enormous Irish Catholic family plays something or sings in a choir. Some perform professionally. So for us, Christmas isn’t complete without a concert. We kick off December with a church festival where my children participate in several choir performances. I love to sit in the audience and watch their faces lit up by the words they’re singing, whether it’s a rousing rendition of Rudolph or a twisted version of The Twelve Days of Christmas. These songs are lovingly practiced for weeks before the concerts, and not a day goes by that they don’t break into song in the car, their little voices blending like angels singing. 

Also, Christmas means music recitals. Violins, pianos, guitars. The nervous energy of the family member eager to perform. My passion for music by far outweighs the moments of insanity brought down by the holidays, so that I actually long for the month of December. Sitting down at the piano and pounding out a remixed version of Carol of the Bells or a funky Little Drummer Boy feeds the fires of my own personal need for music. And when I slip into the cathedral for Midnight Mass, the voices of the choir washing over me, along with the scent of candles and the peaceful hour, I truly refresh my soul. I remember my ninety-year-old grandmother standing there with the choir, her frail shoulders swaying a bit to the music, and it’s the best Christmas present I could ever get. 

For each of us, Christmas means something different. As long as the spirit connects with ours in some way, and spurs us on for another year, then we’ve found the magical significance of the holiday. What gets you through the bustling season? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

A husband + a wife + a hunky Italian firefighter = Five Alarm Blaze. 

Controlled Burn
Em Petrova

Back of the book:
Fire Chief Pearce Johnson has been struggling with his attraction to fellow team member and special ops guy Mitch Morelli. In the sauna, long looks turn into a steamy self-love encounter. Pearce runs home and tells his wife of fifteen years all about it—resulting in a five-alarm blaze between them. 
Ellie has always suspected her husband would crave another relationship with a man. When he brings Mitch into their fantasies, she encourages Pearce to explore this newfound sexual link even as she longs for the big Italian firefighter to visit their bed. But taming two firemen might be tougher than she thinks. 
Mitch can’t get enough of his rugged chief and Ellie’s femininity. But on the job, his boss pushes him away and purposely avoids working with him. Wounded, Mitch is finished trying to see his lover’s point of view, until one perilous event makes them all wake up and realize love is too precious to ignore.

Excerpt - RATED STEAMING PANTIES ADULT: ( thank you, Em! ;) )

At the familiar jangle of her husband’s keys in the lock, a tingle shot down Ellie’s spine. She flipped open the satin flap of her robe and let her thighs fall apart slightly, hoping to offer Pearce an enticing view after a hard day at Firehouse 5.

His muscled shoulder appeared through the crack in the door and the rest of his bulky form followed. Her libido kicked into overdrive. For four days,  he’d been working back-to-back shifts and she’d been out of her mind with need. If tonight fell through, she was going to stow away in his locker and pop out like a Wife Surprise.

She let him adjust to dim glow of the candlelight. His gaze locked on her and immediate want flashed behind his hazel eyes. The heavy items he’d been holding thudded as he dropped them to the floor.

His chest rumbled. “Mmm. I see I get dessert before the main course.”

Her nipples bunched at that growl, eager to feel his mouth humming against her flesh. “Baby, you get anything you want.”

Something dark slid behind his eyes and he dropped his attention to his steel-toed boots. He bent to unlace them and toed them off.

Ellie waited, pulse racing. Damn, she hoped he was seriously up to pouring himself into a night of lovemaking. She couldn’t wait anymore and the collection of toys he’d given her to satisfy her bodily wants while he captained the biggest firehouse in the city wasn’t doing the trick anymore. She needed a real man between her legs—she needed Pearce.

He straightened up and met her gaze. Her breath caught half in, half out as she noted that smolder in his eyes. Everything in her demanded she get up and cross the room to him, throw herself in his strong arms and seduce him right out of his tighty whities.

But tonight he was going to come after her. She deserved it, after he’d made her wait.

A trickle of cream escaped her tight folds and oozed down her inner thigh. She spread her legs farther to allow him a glimpse.

Right on cue, he groaned. He scrubbed a hand over his face. “Damn, woman, you’ve been waiting for me.”

“Been thinking about you for days.” She crooked a finger and he started forward as if on an invisible puppet thread.

Her heart raced faster as he neared. His thigh muscles bulged beneath his snug-fitting jeans and the top two buttons of his shirt were open, giving her a hint of man chest. Heaviness weighed in her core.

“Darlin’, I’ve been dying to get home to you too.” He plucked her off the sofa and sank to the cushions in one swift movement. She found herself cradled on his lap, legs dangling over one thick thigh and her pussy against his bulging erection.

She wriggled and snaked her arms around his neck. Even after fifteen years of marriage, he was all she wanted. She lived, ate and breathed Pearce Johnson. Long ago, when she’d discovered she couldn’t have his babies, she’d decided she’d been gifted with an amazing man and she’d make the most of every minute. Lately, however, she’d felt a strain in him—a strain she hoped was simply fatigue from working long, stressful hours.

Hopefully tonight would bring him some ease.

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About Em Petrova
Em Petrova lives in backwoods Pennsylvania, where she raises four kids and a Labradoodle puppy named Daisy Hasselhoff and pays too damn much for utilities. She loves to write gritty characters with lots of heart and is well-known for scorching, panty-soaking menage a trois stories.


  1. Holiday music gets me through the season. Nice excerpt.


  2. This book sounds amazing. I really want to read it. :)

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  3. sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing! I'm w/ BN100... love Christmas music... the older, the better :)

  4. Oh, this sounds great! Hot, sexy firemen :)
    junemanning74 at gmail dot com

  5. Love the excerpt, =) can´t wait for my chance to read!!
    The one thing that gets me through this holiday is the thought of sitting in my sofa at the end of it all, with my hubby and a glass (or three) of red wine and just relaxing, knowing that it´s a year to the next Christmas =D
    I just want it to be over and done with, i love seeing my family and spending time with them, it´s the stress leading up to it all that kills me.

    best wishes, Linda

  6. The excitement gets me through the season. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!


  7. Oh, this sounds great! Hot, sexy firemen :) i'd LOVE to win a copy seeing as i am not working and can't afford to buy it

  8. Oohhh awesome excerpt Em! Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, mainly because all of your family comes together.


  9. As a person who can't carry a tune in a bucket I envy your family talents. I love hearing the songs of the season every year. Blessed Be to you and yours! And I'd love to win your book!

  10. sounds like an awesome book...everyone loves a hot sexy fireman...keep writing about them

  11. the baking, the music and my kids get me through the holiday season. love the excerpt. thanks for sharing!

  12. OMG! What an excerpt! Thanks for the giveaway Talina and Em! And Em when's your next Fireman story coming out because I think I just found a new favorite author! lol :D

    oh my email is

    Merry Christmas!


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