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Guest Post & Giveaway With Charlene A. Wilson

Happy Friday everyone! Today's guest has provided some awesome content to celebrate the release of her two books, Cornerstone Deep & Cornerstone Deep Echos! Please help me welcome author Charlene A. Wilson to BIR! She has provided us with a fabulous guest post, great book blurbs, book trailers and a radio interview to enjoy AND to top all that author goodness off Ms Wilson is offering up a giveaway! All the giveaway how-to's are in the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post...HAPPY READING!

Welcome  Ms. Wilson!

I’m thrilled to be with you today.  Thank you, Talina, for having me.

I started writing in my youth when my vivid dreams stayed with me long after I had them.  The people and worlds were so amazing and detailed it was like I knew them inside and out.  You can meet them in my books.  They’re alive there now, learning, loving, and experiencing everything they deserve.

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18 & Over Book Blogger Giveaway Hop Winners!!

It's almost Friday and I can smell the freedom already! This week has been one heck of a work week. The blog has been hoping with guest posts and this past weekend the 18 and Over Book Blogger Giveaway took place and was a smash hit! Just with my portion there were well over 200 entries for the 16 prizes being handed out by fabuloso authors!

Before I get to announcing the winners I wanted to send out a huge thank you to the authors that participated in donating prizes to Bookin' It's goodies basket. You ladies made this giveaway possible for Bookin' It Reviews and for our readers. Thank You!!!

And to everyone that stopped in...THANK YOU! It's is because of fabulous readers like you that these giveaways are so much fun! And I also want to thank you all for taking the time for Bookin' It. I've aimed to make this place as warm and cozy with a dash of sexy for everyone as possible! Hopefully everyone enjoys their time here! :)

Now on to the ...

1.Crystal Phifer Folk ~ 
1 set of book swag from Talina Perkins

2.Michelle Marie Brack ~ 
1 set of book swag from Talina Perkins

3.Anne Muller ~ 
1 set of book swag from Talina Perkins

4.Irene Jackson ~ 
1 digital copy of Protector's Mate by Katie Reus

5.Sharonda Lowman ~ 
1 digital copy of Cornerstone Deep by Charlene A. Wilson

6.Erin Walters Koiso ~ 
1 digital copy of Rock You Like A Hurricane by JoAnne Kenrick

7.Vanessa N. ~
1 digital copy of Up A Dry Creek + swag Avery Flynn

8.erin f ~ 
1 digital copy of Inside Heat by Roz Lee

9.khelsey Jackson ~
1 digital copy of Collateral Damage by J.L. Saint

10.Donna Singer ~ 
1 digital copy of Tactical Deception J. L. Saint

11.Chris Bails ~
1 Set of Romance Trading Cards from Roz Lee

12.Tina B ~  
1 Set of Romance Trading Cards from Roz Lee

13.bn100 ~ 
1 digital copy of her Victorian Erotic Romance Trilogy by Gabrielle Bisset

14.Filia Oktarina ~ 
1 Set of Romance Trading Cards from Roz Lee

15.Lauren ~ 
1 Set of Romance Trading Cards from Roz Lee

16.miki ~ 
1 digital copy of Under The Covers by Roz Lee 

Winners, please keep an eye on your email. During the next 24 hours I'll be emailing the authors with your contact information. Please remember to check your spam folder!

Guest Author Dianne Hartsock ~ Creating Nathaniel

Hello book Lovers! Sorry This post is going up late. Seems Blooger didn't want to play nice with me today or my account was under some kind of cyber attack...ACK. Anyway, all seems well now so please help me welcome today's guest author, Dianne Hartsock!

Creating Nathaniel

I’m often asked where my characters come from. Good question! With about a million answers. I’d say they are mostly inspired by music, a sweet melody that captures my heart or certain chords that vibrate within me. Even a single note that lingers into the distance can draw my imagination on a wild journey with it.

Books and movies come next. I can read a sentence that sets my soul on fire, and the next thing I know I’m scribbling in a notebook an idea that has nothing to do with the story and everything to do with the emotions aroused by those innocent words on the page. In a movie, a character’s expression in a given scene might set me off, or the way he delivers his lines might cause my heart to race and I want nothing more than to leave the theatre and write down the thoughts that spring to mind.

My Nathaniel is a product of all these things. The first, heartbreakingly beautiful notes of the cello in ‘Sun Will Set’ by Zoe Keating are my magic user.

The prisoner lifted his head, and Taden was caught in the gaze of the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen, clear green with a starburst of gold at the pupils; amazing eyes that held him confused and thrilling. The look brushed against the lonely spot in his heart he kept deeply buried. Then the man blinked, and Taden felt released, as if he’d been spellbound. His heart lurched at the exhaustion in the oval face.

I find the grace and beauty of a calla lily beyond lovely and tried to add this touch of beauty to Nathaniel.

He searched frantically for something to say to break the spell, all the while wanting to pull the young man into his arms and crush his pale lips under his own, plundering their secrets. Nathaniel took a breath as awareness sprang between them. Taden watched his lovely green eyes darken, the tip of Nathaniel’s tongue touching the provocative lips. Mesmerized, Taden’s errant fingers traced Nathaniel’s lovely mouth. Nathaniel’s lips parted as his thumb caressed the full bottom lip, velvet soft. Taden would have kissed him then, but panic swept his face.

I also wanted Nathaniel to have the power of any of the magic users in the fantasy books I’ve read.

“You’re cruel, Corin. You ran me to the ground and caught me. Isn’t that enough? No. You don’t care who you hurt, so long as you aren’t thwarted.” Nathaniel’s voice turned to silk. “Could this be why Miranda runs from you?”
Corin’s face turned white, and his slim hands clenched into fists as his eyes flashed in warning. Nathaniel laughed, a fey sound on air suddenly crackling with energy. Taden’s scalp prickled. His hair lifted slightly with the kinetic energy gathering around them as the cousins faced each other, both breathing hard. Fear was a lump in his stomach. He believed that something terrible approached; a peril that couldn’t be recalled once unleashed.
“Nattie?” His voice broke but he didn’t dare utter another sound as tension built in the air. Desperate sorrow tightened his chest, making it hard to breath. He didn’t want to witness…

And lastly, I wanted Nathaniel to be as alluring as any love song.

Taden dropped his head on Nathaniel’s chest. “Give me a moment,” he whispered hoarsely, concentrating on control. He wanted their joining to be perfect. It was hard when Nathaniel continued to thread his hands through his hair. With a growl, Taden straddled him, pinning the wandering hands over his head. “Careful, or I can’t promise to be gentle.”
Nathaniel’s eyes were hooded and Taden watched, enchanted, as the tip of his pink tongue slid across pale lips. “Do anything you like,” Nathaniel invited.

As you can see, my characters come from every aspect of my life. At the moment, Nathaniel is made up of everything beautiful and amazing in my world. But it doesn’t stop with him. There’s my brave and true Taden. The dark and frightening Corin. The sweet, magical Miranda. All the rest.

And that’s only one story. Currently, I’m outlining the sequel to Nathaniel inspired by the incredible sunset I watched the other night. Who knows what delightful characters are waiting to be discovered the next time I turn on music or watch a movie?

Thanks so much for having me as your guest.

Dianne Hartsock

by Dianne Hartsock
Publisher: Etopia Press
Length: 22,000 words
Sub-Genre: Erotic, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, M/M

Get Your Copy:

From the moment Taden rescues Nathaniel from the Sutherlin soldiers’ torture, he finds himself caught in the gaze of the most beautiful eyes he’s ever seen; amazing eyes that hold him thrilled and confused. The Sutherlins are planning to invade the beautiful Tahon Valley, but as Taden secrets Nathaniel from their reach, he finds himself drawn to the young man. Not only does he feel the urge to protect him, but he feels an ache he hasn’t felt in many long years. 

Nathaniel claims to be a traveler from a distant continent, saying he comes in peace. True or not, the youth has powers beyond anything Taden has seen—control over men and animals and the very weather. Taden falls hard for the strange traveler, protecting him not only from the Sutherlins but from his own mistrustful people, who don’t understand Nathaniel’s powers and accuse him of being a witch…

Follow along on this tour by visiting the following participating sites:
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Where Do You Get Your Ideas With Author KT Grant

Happy Hump day book lovers! Today we welcome author KT Grant to Bookin' It Reviews! She's here to dish on how she comes up with the idea for her latest sexy and sizzling book release, A Bid For Love! 

KT Grant is a self-proclaimed eccentric redhead who not only loves to read a wide variety of romances, but also loves writing it. Under her alter-ego, she is a well-known book reviewer and blogger who doesn't shy away from voicing her opinion. A proud native of New Jersey, KT is multi-published and known for writing "out of the box" romances. KT has been mentioned in the Guardian.UK, Publisher's Weekly's Beyond the Book and at KT is a top ten best-selling author at Amazon, as well as being a multiple All Romance Ebooks best seller and a Night Owl Reviews Top Author Pick. 
Author website | Blog | Twitter @katiebabs 

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

One of the biggest questions an author is asked, is where do they come up with the ideas for their books?  When I decided to write A Bid For Love for Decadent Publishing’s 1 Night Stand series (, a scene came to my mind. Usually for me, a character will pop up into my head and I’ll take it from there. But for some reason I had a visual of someone looking out a window at someone or something. Then I thought, what if this someone was in their apartment watching someone they lusted for who was totally unaware they were being watched? I decided this would be the very first scene. But then I had to figure out who this voyeur was. Then when that was decided, the next step would be picking the voyeur’s object of desire.

I’m big on opposites attracting in the fiction I read. I love when two people who shouldn’t be attracted to one another end up falling in love. I especially love a May/December storyline. The 1 Night Stand series was a perfect opportunity for me to use these two “tropes”. Slowly my story began to take shape. But the one question that remained was who would my main couple be? Should I write a man and woman falling for one another, or two men or two women? For some reason something was pushing me to write a Gay romance involving two men. I wanted an older, average looking business man type falling for a younger free spirit hunk. I also wanted enough of an age gap between them. Instead of having my two men only a few years apart, I went for a good twelve years between them.

My older man was given the name Anthony, and Reece became his younger counterpart. These two would be neighbors in the same building, and after two years of saying hellos and passing in the hallways, their time to act on their attraction was now. From that moment Anthony stared out the window at Reece down in the parking lot, I’d hope to write a good enough plot where these two would have a believable happily ever after. Building up the tension and the attraction between these two was key. To aid this in happening I had an auction, an expensive suite in a Las Vegas casino and a hot tub to further along the story. These things would help with the accumulation of passion that would occur between my main couple.

What started as a phantom person near a window grew into a much more where I ended up creating characters that had faces, names and personalities. The fun of it all was trying to bring these two together in an enjoyable way.

It all starts with something simple and running with it. And from that A Bid For Love was created.

A Bid For Love
by KT Grant

Buy Your Copy

Back Of The Book:

Anthony Conlin is a forty-one year old workaholic in love with his twenty-nine year old neighbor, Reece Whitmore, who looks like he belongs on the cover of GQ magazine. Anthony longs for Reece to the point of obsession, but doesn’t think he stands a chance because of their difference in age, his graying hair and a less than rock hard physique.

When Anthony’s friend, Jagger Castillo urges Anthony to try the matching services of 1Night Stand, Anthony still refuses because of his crush on Reece. But Jagger, along with the help of Madame Evangeline, the owner of the 1NS has something up their sleeves to make certain Anthony and Reece finally get together.

A charity auction sets the stage and rolls into motion a night Anthony and Reece will never forget.

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Guest Post With PNR Author Rhiannon Mills

Hello book lovers! Help me welcome dark paranormal romance author Rhiannon Mills here today! She's prepared a great guest author post and has provided a very good excerpt from her latest release, The Demon King! So get ready for some fab reading!

Hi!  Thank you so much for having me here.  I am Rhiannon Mills and I write romance with a bit of a horror element.  I like my romances dark with a slight edge to them and that is why I wrote The Demon King, my first novella release from Knight Watch Press.  There are a lot of really great characters in the story, but I thought today I’d give you a peak at the king himself because he is half of what makes the story so great and so dark.  He is the creature hiding in the closet, the darkness that we fear, and the definition of things that go bump in the night.

Draken, the king, was created from the darkest corners of my mind.  I wanted to create a hero who would make you question his motives a little bit.  Does he want to have a relationship with the heroine or does he want to use her for his own dark purposes? Perhaps both?  You’ll never know until you read the book.  There were times, while writing the story, when I even began to question him a little bit, which was the exact tint that I was going for. I wanted a king who was selfish and strong, deadly and dark, sexy and sly—all of these things rolled into one.

I based his character a little bit on Gerard Butler (yum!) and a lot on Jonathan   Rhys Meyers’ portrayal of Henry VIII in Showtime’s series The Tudors.  From history we know that Henry VIII was selfish, ruthless (he had a few wives decapitated…and barely thought twice about it), and charismatic.  He ruled his kingdom with an iron fist and he did quite a wonderful job.  Out of a zillion monarchs throughout history, he is still one of the most famous, or perhaps infamous.  Where Henry and Draken differ, however, is that Draken hasn’t had any wives whatsoever.  He isn’t even looking because having an heir isn’t at the top of his to-do list. In fact, it would almost be dangerous for him to have a wife and child in tow while at war with his brother over the crown.  Nonetheless, Draken possesses many of the same characteristics of Henry VIII. 

Unlike Henry VIII, however, Draken has a pair of dashing black feathered demon wings, ram-like horns, eyes the shade of coal, and both upper and lower fangs.  Draken isn’t afraid of anything at all, not even his brother (who seeks to destroy him in pursuit of the crown).  To beat his brother, however, Draken needs the help of a soothsayer from the mortal realm, Willow.  Willow is the light to his darkness, and sometimes, the thorn in his side.  He isn’t quite sure just how much he can trust her, but the feeling there is mutual. 

The Demon King
by Rhiannon Mills

Get Your Copy:

Draken needs a soothsayer to help him keep his kingdom under his own rule and not that of his twin brother. What he doesn’t count on is that his bewitching soothsayer, Willow, could possibly be the fall of the entire Underworld without trying to do so. One small twenty year old secret could destroy everything Draken has ever held dear. Through battles, both political and emotional, the King must do what is best to destroy his brother and hold his kingdom in the right hands, although nothing is ever what it seems and no one can be trusted in the Underworld

Her heart dropped when she looked in the mirror. Not because it was now cracked thanks to the lightning, but because there was a mans image in the place of hers. She couldnt see herself, but she definitely saw someone else.
            A towering man, one at least two feet taller than Willow herself, with deep black pupils and a thick head of dark hair that hung just above his shoulders.  He had bulging muscles, arms bigger in diameter than she guessed her thighs were and they were crossed over his muscular chest.  Willow watched the dark, swirling black tattoos which seemed to glisten in the moon and candle lights, cover the majority of his upper body.
            Every hair on the back of her neck stood on end.  She clapped a shaking hand over her mouth and fell backwards onto her bed when she tried to back away slowly, just as her foster mother had taught her to back away from an animal on the occasion that one ever attacked.  That’s what Willow thought she was right now…she felt as though she had suddenly become the prey to his predator in her mirror.
            The man in her mirror wore chains around his waist that held in place several weapons.  Medieval weapons, things that would make you think thrice about ever taunting him…and it looked like he knew how to use them, too.
His expression changed from a stern smirk to a satisfied mocking grin.
            Willow pulled herself backwards on the mattress with her hands, not taking her eyes off of the form for a single second, in fear of him being what she expected…death.  She tried to scream, but it was as if her voice was frozen in her throat.  A single whimper was all that she could muster up to protest with.
            She moved her gaze, slowly, down to the man’s legs and noticed that they were built like tree trunks, thick, muscular, and formed quite well.  From his knees down, however, his leathery black pants disappeared into heavy black boots that were covered in tiny gold chains paired with what appeared to be thorns that followed a swirling pattern.
            His menacingly horrifying, yet alluring, grin suddenly widened slightly as he parted and licked his lips with a slightly forked tongue, baring a vicious set of upper and lower fangs.
            Holy Moses! What the hell is that!
            Before she could find an answer to her unspoken question, two slightly curved horns rose from the mans skull, slightly shifting his hair as they erected into their full glory.  Willow watched with both amazement and fear.  She noticed his eyes starting to flicker red, like the lonesome candle’s flame that was playing with the wind, which she was enticed by hardly half an hour ago.
            Her heart dropped into her stomach.  Her stomach felt as though it might just fall into her bottom, and the rest of her body was shaking uncontrollably.
            Her bottom lip began to quiver, but she couldnt cry. She was too scared to.
            When the mirrored doors shattered into smithereens, Willow thought she would pass out, but didnt.  Instead, she continued to back away until she blindly felt the edge of the bed on the other side of the room. Willow then slowly climbed off of the other end of the bed cautiously, before she threw her back against the wall, her arms spread out as if to protect it, and her feet braced for whatever might come next.
            He stomped out of her mirror and walked around the bed, taking large steps, and closed the distance between them, blocking all exits with his massive frame.
            Willow could feel his hot breath against her shoulder as he bent his head towards her neck, though there was a small distance of six inches or so between their bodies.  Her pulse raced the closer he came, but still she could not scream.  The only sounds to be heard was the small whimpers that involuntarily escaped her quivering lips and the storm outside that continued to grow larger.
            Willow was shaking uncontrollably, but he still leaned his head closer, close enough to whisper in her ear.
            “Close your eyes.” He whispered, surprisingly gentle.
About Rhiannon Mills:

Rhiannon Mills is stay at home mother of four and lives deep in the West Virginia mountains. She spends her free time reading paranormal and historical romances, dark horrors, and historical fiction. When she isn’t reading, she occasionally writes dark paranormal romances and horror stories, but occasionally finds the time to watch a historical documentary or two. 
Rhiannon Mills on Facebook.
Rhiannon Mills at Blood and Coffee Cakes blog.

Life Is Like Coffee ~ Inspiration for Reaching Your Goals

For the past few weeks I've been struggling with some inner turmoil because I've been unable to reach my goals in my writing career. Actually, I think it's a cause and effect scenario. I worry, therefore I stress out and therefore I can't write which leads to goals not being met. Vicious cycle!

I worry I won't good enough, a common worry for writers. I worry I might be taking the long way around to building a writing career and I worry that I’m not ready for any of this, the plotting, creating, writing…all of it! What if I’m doing it all wrong? Heck, I even worry about not writing the first draft good enough for myself.
Seriously though… come on! Who writes a perfect first draft!

I know these worries are ridiculous to have but my little demon on my left shoulder really likes kicking the little angel on my right shoulder's ass. 

This past Saturday my dear sweet husband must have seen the worry and lack of progress because he searched out an inspirational video that helped me see where I was preventing myself from reaching the goals I have set for myself.

I think sometimes we worry so much about our goals, our abilities and the constant comparing ourselves to others so much that we ourselves throw the boulders in the road. After watching this video I took a step back and realized this stands true for me. I am my biggest enemy. In order to reach my goals I needed to take a look around me, be happy with the life I have, see the happiness within me and my family and let that be my center focus. Once I did this, everything else seemed to fall into place. The stress dissipated because I realized I could think clearly again, forgetting all the other burdens I’d placed on myself. My cup doesn't need to look like the fanciest one, doesn't need to be like my fellow writer's cup nor does it need to be better. It needs to be what is best for me, what will get the job done and make me happy. After watching the video you'll see what I'm talking about. :)

If you have a minute watch the video. Take a step back and consider what you can do to eliminate or relieve some of the stress you’ve possibly placed on yourself. It helped me considerably and helped me get back on track.

I can't thank my husband enough for making sure I found what I needed to get me going again!

In my next post I'll share how author Cathy Yardley helped me plot out the first book in my new series. This woman is phenomenal and if you can't wait for that post, check her out at her site HERE and her ROCK YOUR WRITING site. You won't be sorry! 

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Manday Hotties Hop ~ Sweet & Sinful

It's Manday Hotties Hop day! This hop is hosted by Felicity Heaton This week I'm pulling together all the hotness I can take in one sitting and serving it up to you for your Manday inspiration! Don't forget to follow along on the hop by clicking all the participating blogs in the linky list!

And now get ready for some sizzling spicy candy to welcome in the new spring!

Sorry, images have been removed.

Sunday Reading: Long Excerpt from Crave by Felicity Heaton


Felicity Heaton is giving away 2 AWESOME BOOKS! Seriously this is something to jump up and down about because they are full length paranormal romance novels that are very well written and are stories you won't want to miss! That's a total saving of $9.00! You can get FORBIDDEN BLOOD and ASCENSION at Amazon for kindle or other retailers on Felicity's blog post HERE. Happy Reading and THANK YOU Felicity!


Happy Sunday everyone! It's the perfect day to get comfy and enjoy some peaceful reading. Today I have a great long and delicious excerpt to share with you today from a book I recently reviewed. Crave by Felicity Heaton just released and is the second novella in her Vampire Erotic Theatre Novella series. So grab a cuppa whatcha like and kick back for some great reading!

Crave by Felicity Heaton

ebook price: $2.99
genre: paranormal vampire romance
length: 35000 words
rating: sultry
released: March 2012
Book 2 in the Vampire Erotic Theatre series 

His mind has been set on his work for the past one hundred years. Now a forbidden beauty has stolen his attention and is threatening to steal his heart too.

Callum has come to the city of romance on business, not pleasure, but when he sets eyes on a gorgeous werewolf in a nightclub, he can’t ignore the dark carnal craving she ignites in him. His work for Vampirerotique, the erotic theatre he runs with three other vampires, can wait. The only thing that matters now is satisfying his sinful hunger for a woman who most vampires would consider an enemy.

Kristina is on the run from her pack. Her alpha is intent on forcing her to bear his child and she’s not about to live through the same nightmare as her mother had. When a tall, dark and sexy vampire catches her eye, she can’t believe the ferocity of the desire he unleashes in her or the fact that she enjoys the feel of his eyes on her and his silent pursuit of her in the clubs each night.

When Kristina finally gets a taste of Callum in a forbidden kiss, will she be strong enough to resist the allure of the vampire and his offer to share his bed for a week of unbridled, wild sex, or will she surrender to her own craving for the safety and passion she finds in his embrace?

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Author Guest Post: Where In The World with Emily Cale

Happy Friday everyone! Today we welcome erotic romance author Emily Cale here today with a great guest post and all the delicious details on her latest release, Getting Ahead. Happy Reading!

Where In the World

I occasionally get asked ridiculous questions about Wyoming from people who claim I'm the first person they've ever met from the state. I always worry that I am really a very poor ambassador for the area. It could be because I feel guilty for a con I pulled while on vacation in high school. Before I confess, you should know two things. First, fifteen year olds on family vacations can get very bored. Second, fifteen year old girls will do almost anything to impress sixteen year old boys.

18 & Over book blogger giveaway hop March 22nd- 25th

Click to Enlarge Goodie Basket!  
The Goodies:
 3 Sets of Book Swag
1 Digital Copy of Protector's Mate
1 digital copy of her Victorian Erotic Romance Trilogy
1 digital copy of Rock You Like A Hurricane
1 digital copy of Inside Heat | 1 digital copy of Under The Covers
& 4 Sets of Romance Trading Cards
J.L. Saint (AKA Jennifer St. Giles):
1 digital copy of Collateral Damage | 1 digital copy of Tactical Deception
Avery Flynn
1 digital copy of Up A Dry Creek + swag
Charlene A. Wilson
1 digital copy of Cornerstone Deep

It’s time for this year’s 18 & Over Book Blogger Giveaway Hop! This fab book party is hosted by Bitten by Paranormal Romance and Getting Naught Between the Stacks!

So let’s get this party started!

First off, I’ve put together the goodie basket and links to the fabuloso authors that have donated prizes for this giveaway followed by some sizzling and sexy excerpts that will set the tone for this hop from three equally fabulous authors. I’ve also included the covers and links for easy reference.

This Book Giveaway Hop is taking place from today, March 22nd thru March 25th! With over 90 blogs to visit your chances of winning are beyond grand! Many, if not all, of the blogs participating in the book giveaway hop have more than one giveaway to offer, so that just pushes your luck even higher! You’ll find the other participating blogs in the linky list below. After you’ve entered this giveaway, hop on over and make some more friends and enter their giveaway! Good Luck!

HOW TO ENTER THIS GIVEAWY: (open to U.S., Canada, & International)

Just below the excerpts you’ll find the RAFFLECOPTER. Follow the simple instructions offered on the rafflecopter and you’ve entered! Basically this will work as one big hat for the names. At the end of the giveaway I will assign winners to the prizes via the Rafflecopter.

I must ask that you remember to leave a valid email addy in the Rafflecopter. Otherwise I can’t contact you if you win! ;) 

Now for some steamy reading! ;)

Introducing Rebecca Royce's Shifters & Bikers Series

Book lovers there's you're going to love today's guest post! We have the awesome Rebecca Royce here today to share her latest series with us titled Shifters & Bikers! I can't wait to dig in and discover what's in-store for us in this series. Just using those two words together is enough to get my curiosity flowing! Let's take a look...

I do tend to write about places where I have lived or visited frequently.  I guess since I write mostly in the paranormal (or fantasy or science fiction) the way in which I write about what I ‘know’ tends to be in location only.  (Or at least that’s all I’m admitting to, if I’ve had encounters with werewolves, I’m not telling.)

The four places that show up the most in my writing, as far as I can tell, are New York City, New Jersey, Maine, and New Orleans.

I’ve never lived in Maine but I’ve spent a lot of time there.  I love it and I think I express my feelings about the beauty of it in my writing.  I was born in New York City and I’ve spent a large portion of my life in New Jersey.

I lived in New Orleans for three years and met my husband there. I guess its no surprise that these locations show up in my writing all the time. 

But, for a change, Shifters and Bikers takes place in a bar in the desert out West.  I’ve actually been to there but only twice but never to a bar. I was too young.  Kind of fun to be purely in my imagination…

Unwanted Mate
By Rebecca Royce

Get Your Copy:

For years, shapeshifter Gunther West has known Judy is his mate. His little human isn't so sure. When a tragedy brings her knocking on his door seeking comfort, Gunther is more than ready to provide it. Neither can deny the sparks that fly, but are those sparks enough for forever?

Discover more about the Shifters and Bikers series with Rebecca at her:

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Excerpt Blitz With Author Jeffe Kennedy

Hi everyone! Ready to dive into some great excerpts and book blurbs? Today we have author Jeffe Kennedy here to share a couple of excerpts from her latest releases. Happy reading! 

Feeding the Vampire
By Jeffe Kennedy
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Date Published: August 3, 2011
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Through good luck and healthy cowardice, Misty has survived the earthquakes that have torn the world apart, but has no skills to speak of. Or so she thinks. She does have blood, and someone must feed the vampire who has offered his protection and strength in exchange for sustenance. Feeding Ivan is a priority, and Misty finally serves a purpose. But when she awakens tied to his bed, an unwilling gift to Ivan from the townspeople, she discovers he has hungers other than blood. Hungers he expects her to satisfy in the most carnal manner. Under his seductive persuasion Misty discovers she has the power to sustain Ivan in all ways, while experiencing unspeakable pleasure herself.

Feeding the Vampire


I was compelled to feed him. I had no choice, really.

Earl cleared his throat. “Thank you.” Our town administrator looked around for agreement, but they weren’t meeting his eyes either. Like kids ducking the teacher’s gaze. “Thank you, Misty. We all appreciate your…” He trailed off uncomfortably.

Sacrifice? Surely no one wanted to hear that word aloud. Martyr to the cause?  No, not much better.

Earl shuffled the papers in his lap. Waiting for me to get to it, I supposed. Well, he had just said that feeding Ivan ought to be the first order of business. We couldn’t very well make plans for our community while the guy in charge of our defenses wilted before our eyes, especially since we needed him alert and focused. Me? I was pretty damn expendable. I hadn’t brought much to the table so far, except my survival, which really was accidental. Right place at the right time. Turns out stolid New England was just the right place to be for the particular form this apocalypse took. Granite bedrock and all that.

My boring hometown was a safe haven and everyone wanted in on our resources. The people turning up every day were let in or turned away depending on what they offered. I counted my lucky stars I’d been grandfathered in simply because my neighbors didn’t have the heart to kick me out. Excellent keyboarding skills and a customer-friendly personality didn’t count for much in this economy. Especially without, um, customers or working keyboards.

I couldn’t afford to be a useless mouth to feed. Their hearts would harden—they already had. Tonight was pivotal. We’d acquired a vampire of our own for defense. Everyone felt better about our future—if we could keep him happy. At least I knew how to make blood. You could say I was a natural. And yet, the certainty that had propelled me to my feet seemed to be bleeding away, frightened off by Ivan’s fixed intensity and everyone else’s obvious relief. They waited, restless, for me to just get on with it. Uncomfortable silence.

Hi, I’m Misty and I’m a Fool. I haven’t done anything really unwise in twenty-seven days. Kind of a record for me really. Apparently I was due.

The vampire just stared at me.

I set my yellow pad on the chair and made myself walk across the circle to where he sat in the tacky folding metal chair. My sandals slapped lightly on the tiles, making tinny echoes. Ivan’s roving gaze sent tremors of anticipation up my thighs.

A few murmured conversations resumed. They probably didn’t like the creepy silence any more than I did. I appreciated their polite attempt not to gawk. I’d never seen a vampire feed—probably none of them had either. I stopped in front of Ivan. He leaned back, long legs sprawled out in careless indolence. He tilted his head at my hesitation and held out his hands as if to help me down from a carriage.

“Perhaps we should step out of the room?” I tried.

“I haven’t the strength to stand.” His grave eyes watched me with avid intent.

If I ran, he would definitely find the strength to hunt me down. After all, he’d walked into this room. Heck, he’d arrived at the bridge leading to our sleepy town only last night, offering his protection in return for our shelter and sustenance. He had to have gotten there somehow.

He wrapped his long fingers around my wrists, cuffing them with bands of steel. Exerting steady pressure, he drew me closer, parting his lips. White fangs gleamed with fluorescent highlights. My heart thumped in panic, hot fear filling me.

“Will it hurt?” My voice sounded thready, weak.

Hunger flared in his eyes at the question. “It always does.”

Ivan snapped me against his hard body. The sharp movement splintered any second thoughts. He pulled me astraddle his lap. My cheap cotton dress hiked up alarmingly. The chafe of his dark denim jeans sent tremors up my fully exposed thighs. Shame and terror flashed through me.

Then all thought and emotion burst in flame, immolating me through the fierce violence of his teeth sinking into my throat. The agony of the deep puncture, fear feeding pain, fired through my blood. I struggled like a wild thing, without thought. Animal instinct screamed at me to flee, to escape by any means possible.

The vampire held me trapped. There was no escape for me, the mouse flailing under the cat’s paw.

My will, never my strong point, snapped. The fight ebbed away with the tide of my blood. The steady drop of pressure left me enervated, without resistance. Darkness filled my brain, prickled with sparking stars. I wilted, becoming a bit of detritus washed upon the shore of Ivan’s body.

Pain filled my veins, pumped through my heart. It replaced my blood, spiraling through my body from the insistent penetration of Ivan’s teeth in my throat. Helpless against the crashing waves, I relinquished my last hold on consciousness and sank into the hot, tarry sea of oblivion.

By Jeffe Kennedy
Publisher: Carina Press
Date Published: October 24, 2011
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A successful executive, M. Taylor Hamilton is on track with her ten-year plan. Too bad her personal life consists of hitting the gym and grocery shopping. Enter the seductive Adam Kirliss. They may have a working relationship, but everything changes at an office party when he handcuffs her to the rail of a yacht. Taylor writes the adventure off as too much champagne, but when Adam challenges her to a date, she agrees to meet up with him. And follow his rules. They share a night of exquisite intimacy, brimming with both pain and pleasure. But afterwards, fearful of losing her heart, Taylor pulls back emotionally. Adam is determined to prove that she longs for the loss of control he can give her – and the passionate release it provides. How can he make her see that he wants her, and not just her body?
Sapphire Excerpt

Kirliss captured her other wrist and held them close in front of her, his warm fingers massaging her skin, while he studied her face. The boat surged over a wave, disturbing her balance. Kirliss’s unusual eyes caught the light, boring into her.

“This is silly,” she tried.

“Do you want me to make you stay?”

“What?” Taylor choked. She couldn’t let him treat her this way. “No! You’ll do no such—”
She lost her breath entirely when he pressed up against her. Thinking he was trying to embrace her, she pulled away and found herself backed against the brass railing.

By the time she gathered her flustered thoughts, her wrists were handcuffed to the rail behind her. Mortified, a bit afraid and—worse—suddenly and wildly aroused…


Petals and Thorns
RWI More Than Magic Finalist
Genre: BDSM Fantasy 

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In exchange for her father’s life, Amarantha agrees to marry the dreadful Beast and be his wife for seven days. Though the Beast cannot take Amarantha’s virginity unless she begs him to, he can and does take her in every other way. From the moment they are alone together, the Beast relentlessly strips Amarantha of all her resistance.
If Amarantha can resist her cloaked and terrifying husband, she gains his entire fortune and will be allowed to return to her family and a normal life. But the Beast seduces her at every turn, exposing, binding, tormenting, and pleasuring Amarantha until she no longer knows her own deepest desires. Increasingly desperate to break the curse that chains his humanity, the Beast drives Amarantha past every boundary. But her desire for a normal life may jeopardize the love that will save them both.
Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play, BDSM theme and elements, dubious consent. 

Excerpt Petals and Thorns

The wedding ceremony took place deep in the woods.

The chapel looked innocent in its white prettiness, as if a normal wedding took place there instead of this monstrous farce.

At first Amarantha had wept. When her father had arrived home on the magnificent stallion, his arms overflowing with luscious red roses and saddlebags full of gold coins, and told the wild tale of the Beast who wanted Amarantha and only her, she’d been at first astonished, then enraged. She’d thought of running away, but her father and sisters had talked Amarantha around. The Beast had promised wealth to restore her father’s fortunes and more. They assured her that the Beast wouldn’t kill her.

“He saw your portrait and finds you beautiful,” her father crooned. “It will be a marriage in name only. You need not lie with him” — he snickered — “if the creature is even able to perform as a man. Likely he is too deformed and wants only a pretty wife to look upon.

“Remember” — the merchant took his youngest daughter’s slender hands in his as they stepped down from the carriage — “if the marriage is not consummated within one week, then he has agreed to have it annulled and to settle upon you half of his fortune! All you must do is retain your chastity for one measly week, and any ninny can keep her legs closed that long. Remember it every day, and the week will fly by. Soon you’ll be at home again with us, our fortunes forever secured.”

“He only has to take her by force,” Anastasia scoffed.

“No,” a deep voice rumbled behind them. They started like finches when a hawk flies over. No one had heard the Beast arrive.

He stood back, tall and broad shouldered as her father had said, watching from the depths of his cloak. The winter wind caught the black folds, whipping them tight against his massive body, but never stirred around his face. Amarantha couldn’t make out his features, though she thought perhaps she caught the gleam of a white tooth. And was that the shadow of a muzzle?

She shuddered, looking away quickly.

“No, Amarantha,” the Beast said, “I will never take you by force. I will only take you when you ask me to. That one choice, at least, will always be yours.”

Amarantha stirred uneasily inside the confines of her corset. Something about his words seemed…unwholesome somehow.

Angelica laughed brightly and clapped her jeweled fingers together in a graceful flutter. “Then we are saved! For, Sir Beast, though we cannot see you clearly, we understand that you are so hideous that no woman would willingly have you. Perhaps your beastly exterior reflects a similarly feral and corrupt heart?” She waved a languid hand at Amarantha. “Else why resort to blackmail to obtain a bride?”

“Indeed” — the voice sank into a near growl — “sister of my bride. You are undoubtedly correct. But since blackmail has, in fact, won me a bride, I’m anxious to take possession of her. Shall we?”

Amarantha gasped and stepped back when the Beast moved toward her, dark and sinuous. But he only offered her his arm to escort her into the chapel. She took a deep breath, as deep as her tight corset allowed.

After the short ceremony, Amarantha kissed her father and sisters good-bye. She couldn’t seem to hear what they were saying to her, only that she had promised to obey this man. This monster.

“Do you take this man, Sir Beast… Do you promise to love, honor, and obey?” the chaplain had asked.

The word seemed to reverberate in her skull. Obey. Chased by the image of how his eyes had glowed at her sparking amber from the depths of his hood. Love and honor seemed to pale before the other word. Amarantha possessed enough cleverness to avoid shaming him, and she could pretend to love him. Obedience might not be so simple. She almost felt his sigh of satisfaction at her promise, as if something that had pained him suddenly eased.

Amarantha wished she could feel the same.

In his carriage, they rode facing each other, though Amarantha gazed steadfastly out the window as the forest deepened and thickened. The trees grew more gnarled, the roots thrusting up from the soil only to twist away again, diving into the moist ferns covering the soil. Still, it was easier to keep her eyes on the strange landscape than look at her husband’s shrouded form and wonder what horrors it might contain.

“Am I ever to see you?” she asked.

“Do you wish to?”

Amarantha glanced at his black silhouette. Looked away again.

“It occurs to me it might be easier to see you and” — get it over with — “learn to become accustomed to you.”

“Consider that I might be so frightening to you that you would be unable to bear coming near me again.”

Amarantha trembled.

“No” — the Beast chuckled darkly — “these things are best done in stages. I intend to win you over, lovely Amarantha.”

“I don’t see how that’s possible.”

“Because you are innocent,” the Beast said, his voice nearly a growl. “And you have not discovered how I can make you feel.”

“I have. You make me feel fear. And revulsion.” She looked out the window. “Despair, perhaps.”

“None of those are real, Amarantha.”

She forced herself to look at him. “I must tell you, I don’t see how I can ever be your wife in truth. I cannot imagine asking you to — ”

“To take your maidenhead? To rend you with my cock so that you scream in agonized pleasure?”

The shock drained Amarantha’s cheeks of color. Even as the image somehow stirred her.

“Sir Beast, you cannot say such things to me.”

“It seems, my bride, that we must stretch your imagination as well. The only thing I may not do is take you by force. Everything else is open to me.” He settled back in a very masculine satisfaction. “If you intend to keep the bargain that saved your father’s life, that is.”

Amarantha bit her lip. Her father had wept even as he handed her into the Beast’s carriage. Had he realized? Her virginity wouldn’t matter at the end of the week if she was dead.

“Amarantha.” The Beast leaned forward. She shrank back, but he only laid a gloved hand over hers. “I swear I will not injure you. Your beauty is precious to me. I would not see it marred in any way.”

She restlessly moved her hands out from under the black leather of his glove. A mistake, since his hand fell to her knee instead, a heavy weight through the thin cloth.

“I will wish to see it, however,” the Beast said, gravel in his voice.

Amarantha’s heart stuttered. “See it?”

“You, in your naked glory. When we reach the house. In exchange, I will not touch you just yet.” He leaned back again. “I mention it now so that you might mull the idea over.”

Amarantha drew in a breath. “I do not think I shall become peaceful with the idea in that space of time.”

“You mistake me, my bride. Peaceful is not how I want you.”

If he’d intended her to think about it, to imagine herself naked and vulnerable in front of his black-cloaked figure, then he succeeded.

About the Author: 
Jeffe (pronounced Jeff- ee) took the crooked road to writing, stopping off at neurobiology, religious studies and environmental consulting before her creative writing began appearing in places like Redbook, Puerto del Sol, Wyoming Wildlife, Under the Sun and Aeon. She has been a Ucross Foundation Fellow (2001), was a Wyoming Arts Council roster artist, when she lived in Wyoming, and received the state’s 2005 Frank Nelson Doubleday Memorial Award for a woman writer of exceptional talent in any creative writing genre and the 2007 Fellowship for Poetry. Jeffe has contributed to several anthologies, Drive: Women’s True Stories of the Open Road. (2002), Hard Ground (2003), Bombshells (2007) and Going Green (2009). Her first book, Wyoming Trucks, True Love and the Weather Channel was published by University of New Mexico Press in 2004. An erotic novella, Petals and Thorns, came out under her pen name of Jennifer Paris in 2010, heralding yet another branch of her path, into erotica and romantic fantasy fiction. Jeffe lives in Santa Fe, with two Maine coon cats, a border collie, plentiful free-range lizards and frequently serves as a guinea pig for an acupuncturist-in-training.

Who Is Jennifer Paris?

I was doing the “Jeffe Kennedy writing as Jennifer Paris” thing, but Angela James, my editor at Carina, said no, no, no. Since I really don’t want to “flesh out” Jennifer Paris and tweet or blog as her (she was only a cardboard cut-out anyway), I decided to retire her. However, I have one book “Petals and Thorns” that is by Jennifer Paris.