Saturday, January 5, 2013

Playing Favorites

Happy Saturday everyone! Yesterday I was shuffling through my huge TBR pile on my iPad. All the colorful covers tempted me to stop here and there to read a snippet or two before I picked my next book to read. It was hard this time for me though. They all seemed nice but nothing really grabbed me. Does this only happen to me? Or does everyone go through a spell, unable to decide what to read next?

Either way, after quite a few books I finally landed on one by Pamela Palmer. I'm sure most -if not all- of you have either seen or picked up A Love Untamed. I ignored the faux tattoos on the guy and went ahead and checked it out. Without even trying I landed on a section that stood out and grab my attention. I picked it for today's Play Favorites quote. What do you think? Does it no in a small way wrap up the book's theme in a wonderful piece of deep pov and a touch of dialogue?

“The dark magic,” Hawke continued, “was designed to force the spirits to choose the morally weakest—the most evil—of each animal line. The falcon spirit fought hard against that dictate and managed to choose the one she wanted. Others probably did, too. But we already know Maxim was pure evil, so some of the animal spirits failed. Bottom line, there were no accidental markings. The new Ferals are each either the best or worst of their respective animal lines.”
“How do we know which is which?” Lyon demanded.
Hawke shook his head. “We don’t know.” He glanced at Jag. “As we’ve seen, you can’t always judge a man’s soul by his actions.”
A Love Untamed by NYT Bestseller Pamela Palmer

So what's your favorite quote?

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  1. I have many quotes that I love. Hard for me to pick just one. Thank you so much for sharing your blog.


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