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Sunday with Gabrielle Bisset

Today, I want to let the ladies from the Sons of Navarus series take over my post. I spend so much time talking about the males that the females get left out, which is unfortunate since they're an incredible group of women. Solenne is still in Greece, but I convinced Sasa, Ilona, and Kali to give me their opinions on all sorts of things the last time I visited the monastery. So without further ado, here are the ladies of the Sons of Navarus series.

Gabrielle:  Thank you so much for sitting down with me tonight. It's an honor to spend time with the females who are such a big part of the world the Sons are trying to save.

Sasa: It's our pleasure. We know your readers like the men, but we hope they like to find out about us sometimes.

Ilona:  I think that's what surprised me the most when I came into this world—how much everyone loves the guys. I see the comments about them all the time and it never ceases to amaze me. I guess to me, Terek is just Terek, but to others, he's not some ordinary guy.

Gabrielle:  I don't think any of the Sons are just ordinary guys. Since they're warriors who must save the entire world, they certainly can't be ordinary.

Ilona: (laughs)  I guess you're right. Are you ever surprised that so many readers have fallen for them?

Gabrielle:  Not really. I knew as soon as I met them that others would want to know them too. Who wouldn't love a group of gorgeous male vampires?

Kali:  I've spent so many years around vampires that I guess I'm just used to it, although I do have to admit that these males are definitely hotter than the Order ones.

Sasa:  I'm always surprised at how different all of the Sons are.

Gabrielle:  You're definitely onto something there, Sasa. I don't think I've ever met eight men so different in personalities. But you ladies are pretty varied too.

Ilona: You're so right. From the way we look to the way we deal with things, we're as different as night and day.

Gabrielle:  So let me ask you and Sasa something. Do you ladies ever think you'll marry your men like Solenne did with Saint?

Sasa: (frowns) Hmmm...I don't know. Vasilije and I are going through some things right now, so I don't know what's going to happen one night to the next.

Ilona: I'd like to, but Terek is afraid if we do that what happened last time will happen again. For a man who was a monk in his human life, he's very superstitious. I understand, though. He lost his wife and son then. It must have been terrible.

Gabrielle:  Okay, this is for you, Kali. Is there any particular man you're interested in?

Kali: (smiles shyly and looks down toward her hands)  Nobody in particular.

Sasa: (chuckles) Don't let her fool you, Gabrielle. She's crazy about Sion. I see her looking at him when she thinks no one's around. You see her too, right, Ilona?

Ilona:  Sasa, leave her alone. You see how shy she is about him.

Gabrielle:  I'm sorry, Kali. I didn't mean to embarrass you.

Kali:  It's okay. Sasa's right, but I don't think he cares at all about me. Maybe if I was a dishwasher or a computer.

Gabrielle:  Sion is very logical and enjoys mechanical things more than fellow vampires, it's true.

Sasa:  I think he could like her, but he's just as shy about it as she is. (rubs her hands together) Maybe I should play matchmaker.

Kali: Oh, no. Please don't. I'd be mortified if he didn't think of me that way. Promise me you won't say a thing, Sasa.

Sasa:  Okay, but he's a nice guy. I think you'd be good for him. He needs someone to warm him up.

Ilona: Gabrielle, now you see the true Sasa. What a romantic she is!

Gabrielle:  I had no idea you were such a romantic, Sasa. How does that work with Vasilije?

Sasa: Well, he's not necessarily romantic, but I've softened him up a little. Ilona's got the romantic guy. Terek is all hearts, flowers, and candlelight dinners.

Gabrielle:  Really? Give us the gossip, Ilona.

Ilona:  (grins) I don't want to brag, but Terek is very much a romantic. I think he's into that stuff even more than I am. I guess it's true what they say: the quiet ones are the ones to watch out for.

Gabrielle: I always suspected as much, even under that tough guy warrior exterior.

Sasa: (nudges Ilona) Show Gabrielle what he got you for Valentine's Day.

Ilona: (raises her hand)  I got this emerald ring along with a dozen long stemmed roses and dinner. And then after dinner...

Gabrielle: Wow! That's a huge emerald! And I bet after dinner was just as incredible.

Ilona: (smiles) It was. I got very lucky when I met Terek.

Gabrielle: One last question and then I'll let you ladies go for the night. Blood Prophecy is Ramiel's book, which means he's bound to meet someone for him. What do you think she'll be like?

Sasa:  Oh, my. She better be tough.

Ilona:  She better be willing to take a lot. He's a tough one to crack. I can barely get him to say hello when he sees me in the hallway or at dinner.

Kali:  I think she'll have to be strong but sweet. I know Ramiel doesn't say much and when he does a lot of times it seems like he's miserable, but I've spent a lot of time with him in the past months and he can be a good guy when he wants to. I'm looking forward to seeing who he meets and what he's like around her. You know what they say—love changes a man.

Gabrielle:  Truer words have never been spoken. Thank you so much all three of you. And I hope we can sit down again, next time with Solenne and maybe Ramiel's lady?

Sasa: That would be great!

Ilona: Thanks Gabrielle! Come by and see us again. We love having visitors!

Kali:  And next time maybe we'll see if we can take you out to that bar Dante takes us all out to. I think you'd like it.

Gabrielle:  Oooh, I think that could be fun. It's a date!

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  1. Gabrielle BissetMarch 3, 2013 at 7:40 AM

    Thanks so much for having us over today!

  2. I love seing the women's point of view. It was a nice change.

  3. Gabrielle BissetMarch 3, 2013 at 9:27 AM

    Thanks for stopping by, Kim! It is a nice change to see the ladies today. :)

  4. Oh Wow!!!! This was totally amazing!!! Wicked Awesome!! I want more interviews :)

  5. I'll definitely keep that in mind as I write blog posts this week, Dawn! Thanks for coming by!

  6. Gabrielle BissetMarch 4, 2013 at 8:45 PM

    Thanks Dawn!

  7. As much as I LOVE reading about the Sons, this was a nice change of pace! I loved it!

  8. I loved this post and enjoyed getting to know the ladies. Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. WOW! the three wonderful ladies of the Sons!!! I love them all and it's a wonderful interview, Gabrielle. Well done! :)

  10. A fabulous interview and so lovely to meet some of the ladies who have captured the hearts of the mighty Sons. I'll look forward to meeting more in the future!


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