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Book Spotlight & Giveaway Featuring Lindy & The Wulfen by R.E. Butler

I'm very happy to present author R.E. Butler who is here on BIR to share some insight into her Wolf Mates Series along with some FB part news and an awesome giveaway! Below you'll find everything you need to join in on the reader fun! Happy reading!

Welcome, RE! It's so great to have you here today!

    Welcome to the Tressel Wolf Pack!  The Wolf’s Mate series takes place in the fictional town of Allen, Kentucky, where wolves and humans live and work together.   The pack of about forty active members has lived in Allen for several generations, and is now led by Alpha wolf Jason Gerrick and his mate, Cadence.

    The Tressel Pack is a hierarchy, with the alphas at the top and the wolves ranked from strongest to weakest  - males and females separately - and all accountable to the alphas for their behavior.  Rankings are determined through fights in wolf or human form depending on the age of the participants and judged by the alphas.  Once ranks are established, they are not altered unless new members are joining the pack or one or more members have left.

    Every full moon, the pack gathers at the alphas’ home to enjoy a cookout before they gather in their full moon meeting place deep in the woods prior to their hunt.  Along with meeting before the hunt, the full moon meeting place is also where new wolves are inducted into the pack, matings are officiated, and wolves taking on special responsibilities such as the pack healer or protector are named.

    In the Wolf’s Mate world, wolves have “truemates,” who are their one-true-mate and the person made just for him or her.  A wolf can settle down and take a mate that is not their truemate, but those that wait for their truemate are much happier!  Sometimes the wolves have grown up with their mate their whole lives, such as Jason and Cadence who grew up together.  And other times, a wolf needs to go hunting for their truemate, such as Callie in the third book, who left the pack and went out on her own before finding her truemates.

    Each book in the series details the relationship of a member of the pack, beginning with the alphas and following the pack members as they find their mates.  There are seven books in the series and include stubborn males, feisty females, lots of love, and always - always! - happily every afters.


Lindy & The Wulfen
The Wolf’s Mate, Book 7
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publication Date:  May 6, 2014
Print Length: 150 pages

After a devastating blow to her already fragile self esteem, werewolf Lindy Vincent has decided to stop being the pack whore and change her life for the better.  With the help of her two best friends, her alpha female, and a feisty she-wolf named Eula, Lindy starts down the road of self-improvement, happy for the first time in years.

Crimson Ta'rek is a Wulfen, a cross between a wolf and a fairy, and the only one of his kind.  After casting a spell for his truemate, he finds himself in the Mortal Realm rescuing the she-wolf meant to be his.  When someone from his past threatens Lindy, Crimson will show the realm why no one messes with a Wulfen’s mate.

This book contains one Wulfen with eyes only for his mate, a she-wolf trying to start her life over, and the spell that brings them together.  Expect plenty of shifting, growling, and neck biting, fairy magic, and gratuitous use of the word “mine.”



Saturday, May 11th 12:oopm EST - 9:00pm EST
Come join R.E. Butler and special guest authors on Saturday, May 11th  from 12:oopm EST - 9:00pm EST to celebrate the release of LINDY & THE WULFEN, the seventh book in The Wolf's Mate series.  There will be a Q&A with R.E., Trivia Games and LOTS of giveaways!

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I love sunsets, several cups of coffee in the morning, and I absolutely cannot live without books. When I’m not busy with my family, you’ll find me sitting at my desk working on any number of projects, including reading, reviewing, and writing.

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