Thursday, August 14, 2014

FREE LIMITED TIME:His by Sunrise - A Sexy Siesta Novella

For a very limited time you can pick up His By Sunrise (Sexy Siesta #0.1) FREE! Get your copy of Blake and Isabella's story and escape into the first Sexy Siesta romance with no risk. Keep reading for the book synopsis and the links! And if you're so inclined, please share!


Pick up your FREE copy at:

Forbidden Love Has Never Been So Tempting. . .

Isabella Marie thinks putting Blake in her rearview mirror will save them both from certain heartache. But when the sudden death of Blake’s father brings the Marine home before she can make her escape, Isabella is forced to acknowledge leaving Blake isn’t something she’s ready to do.

Honor bound by a promise to keep his hands off his best friend’s sister, Captain Blake Mitchell can look but never touch the only woman that lights his world on fire. Blake’s desires burn hotter than ever, but will he be able to throw away his late best friend’s trust to capture Isabella’s heart? If this mission fails, he’ll be stripped of the only woman he can ever love.

"If you are looking for a quick, hot read, then I would recommend this."
Jodie's W.I.N.E. List on His By Sunrise

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easily be read as individual titles.

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HEAT WAVE - #3 - October 2015 (Full Length)

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