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 For this week's #TEASERTUESDAY  I'm sharing a sizzling excerpt from Tequila Sunset! Clickthe "read more" link for a taste of a hot Recon Marine and a sexy latina!

Ema slipped her fingers into his locks and groaned. She’d wanted to do that all day. He countered by taking their kiss deeper until they were almost one.

He pulled her body flush against his. Just as quickly as he had claimed her lips, he released her.

Without a word Gabriel scooped her into his arms and turned away from the water, heading back toward a grouping of palms trees. He covered the short distance in a few strides, moving them into the protection of the low-hanging fronds where no onlookers could see them.

She sent him a quizzical look. If there was one thing she knew about Gabe, it was his ability to keep ninety-nine percent of what went through his mind to himself. He took being the strong silent type to a completely different level. But that didn’t stop her from pushing him for an answer. “Why did you bring me all the way out here for a sand dollar? You could have easily given it to me back at the party.”

“True, but I couldn’t have done this in front of two hundred guests…” He pushed closer, placing his hands low on her hips, easing her back against the closest tree. He bent to claim her lips again, only slower than before.

He pulled her lower lip between his and suckled, nipping the flesh with his teeth just hard enough to wake her libido with a shot of electricity straight to her feminine parts.

She squeezed her thighs to alleviate the sudden assault of pleasure. With nothing more than her silk panties to help with her relief, the pressure wasn’t enough.

“Wrap your legs around me, baby.”

Her breath hitched. Gabriel hiked her skirt around her waist long enough for him to palm her silk-clad ass and haul her up his body with the palm tree as a support behind her.

She met his gaze just as the hardened length of his cock pressed against her pussy. A sultry grin tilted his lips. There was no hiding how he affected her. Only the thin linen material of his pants and her moistened underwear separated their flesh.

Gabriel leaned into her, his lips so close to her own. Dios, she wanted another taste. “I have questions about your guest today, Ema, and I will get answers. But first, I need you. If not right here , then in my bed. Tell me to stop, Ema. I can’t wait to get you back to my bungalow. I’m burning alive with the need to have you wrapped around my cock, but if you tell me to stop, I will.” He raised his gaze to hers, his breath ragged with each drawl. “Please don’t ask me to stop.”

Gabe eased a hand into her top to free a breast. “So beautiful and ripe, waiting for me to pluck.” Warm air hit her nipple, hardening the tip into a pebble. Ready for whatever he wanted. And she wanted him take her. Taste her. Devour her completely.

She popped the two small hidden buttons holding her halter top together. Her other nipple begging for attention. Begging for Gabriel to pinch and suck.

“I’m going to take my time with these.” His husky voice, laden with desire, reached across their entwined bodies. Her senses flooded with everything that made up Gabe. The taste of him on her lips, the feel of his corded, work-hardened muscles beneath her hands and between her legs. The pure masculine scent that made her want to do things right here, right now.

She lost herself in his touch.

Gabriel wrapped his lips around one of her nipples. She couldn’t look away, fascinated by the way he beaded it to an even harder state. He slipped his fingers beneath the material of her panties, pulling her ass cheeks apart to allow him closer to her core. He rocked into her.

She shuddered. “Again,” she rasped, barely managing the single word before Gabe delivered another shockwave to her system. This time he pulled her so he brushed her clit.

“Let me closer, Ema. Let me in, and I’ll give you everything I have. Just for you. God, only for you, precious.” His voice a seductive murmur at her ear.

Gabriel moved a hand out from under her skirt to capture her chin in a gentle hold. She was on edge—desperate for release. Desperate to lose herself in him.

“Don’t be afraid of this, of us, Ema. One more night is all you need.” In a softer raspier voice he added, “I can see you need this, precious. Stay with me tonight.” Golden rays of light captured the sequins on the lower part of her halter top. The myriad of colors bounced around them as if mirroring the emotions of Gabe’s words.

Something rooted her to this moment with him. She should be a hundred miles away from here already, but her heart said something different. Maybe he wasn’t the only one in need?

Fear clawed at her mind, yet her heart seemed to be the one making all the decisions. A shoulder to lean on in Gabriel—maybe even shed a tear or two on—was more than she could hope for, but to burden him with her problems seemed unfair. The man already carried enough weight of his own with his rank in the military. He didn’t need her problems.

He was already too close to her heart—she couldn’t risk him getting closer.
Copyright © 2014 Talina Perkins 

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