Hi, I’m Peter!

My passion is fitness and the holistic view of a healthy lifestyle. My journey began with classical fitness training, but as the conditions changed, I went in search of other training methods. My eyes opened to a completely new perspective.

Since then I see the human being as a unit with his physical and psychological needs. My goal is the harmony between natural movement, a balanced diet and a positive mind to improve well-being and quality of life.

At that time I found new ways for myself to train, to adjust my diet to my physical needs and to align my thoughts to my goals. Fitness has changed my life and I wanted to share this experience with other people. So I turned my passion into a profession and trained as a personal trainer.

Today I want to pass on my experiences to you and also change your life positively. On my fitness blog I share my knowledge about better exercise, healthy nutrition, motivation and Well-Being. There you will also find delicious fitness blog recipes that can be perfectly integrated into a healthy fitness lifestyle.