Yoga for the shoulder-neck area

According to one of my favorite new yoga websites, about 30% of Americans suffer from shoulder-neck complaints! Here you can find out interesting facts about the cervical spine and how you can do something good for your shoulder-neck area with yoga.

The neck is probably the most familiar structure of the shoulder-neck area. Its strength lies above all in its great mobility. Nowhere else are the individual vertebrae so freely movable against each other as in the cervical spine. A movable cervical spine allows quick orientation through fine movements of the head. This is important for our perception organs such as eyes and ears and also for our sense of balance. This mobility enables us to spontaneously move our head at the decisive moment in everyday life (e.g. when looking over our shoulder while driving a car, or when we are nimble at the ball).

Shoulder-neck tensions are often the result of constant, one-sided strain and lack of movement, in the sense of a lack of mobilization and flexibility of the shoulder-neck area. Especially long work at the computer promotes neck tension, because there is a connection between neck and eye muscles.

Here you can find a little experiment: Gently place your fingertips on the neck muscles and perform powerful twisting movements with your eyes. Do you feel how the neck reacts? Then you can probably imagine what happens in your neck when you sit in front of the screen for hours: Namely NOTHING! So rather rigidity and finally tension. Of course, the neck needs some relief! Because a healthy musculature which does not tend to tension, thrives in an interplay between varied stretching and tension.

Here is a little exercise that you can do wonderfully at your desk: Inhaling lift the shoulders up to the ears, exhaling let the shoulders slowly sink down again. Repeat this 4-6 times and connect the movement with your breathing rhythm. Let the movement flow and allow yourself to breathe deeply and calmly. You have all the time in the world! While exhaling, feel the relaxation in the shoulder and neck area.

If you want to do something good in this area in the long run or if you are already suffering from (chronic) shoulder-neck tension, it makes sense to establish a regular yoga routine. You will learn many exercises for shoulder-neck area courses Do something good for yourself and get on the mat. I am looking forward to you!